Where Is The Serial Number On A DJI Phantom 4?

Where is the serial number on a DJI Phantom 4? The serial number of a DJI Phantom 4 drone can be found on the retail box, underneath the battery compartment, or within the DJI GO app.

The DJI Phantom quadcopter series revolutionized aerial photography and videography for the masses when first launched in 2013. Among the most renowned and iconic models is the Phantom 4, which upon its 2016 debut, set new benchmarks in flight time, camera quality, intelligence and ease of control. However, properly identifying your specific P4 variant is the first critical step for registration, troubleshooting or assessing resale value several years on.

This extensive guide covers techniques for physically locating the serial number sticker, retrieving it digitally through software, understanding the encoded manufacturing details, and steps to take if it remains elusive.

Let‘ s dive in!

DJI Phantom 4 Variants – An Overview

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Pinpointing the serial number location does vary slightly between models. So first, what are the different Phantom 4 drones produced by DJI?

Phantom 4 ModelInitial Release Date
Phantom 4March 2016
Phantom 4 AdvancedNovember 2016
Phantom 4 ProNovember 2016
Phantom 4 Pro V2January 2018
Phantom 4 RTKOctober 2018

While less common, DJI also released some special edition Phantom 4 models like the Alpine White and Obsidian editions with serialized badging. But the above cover the major mass production variants since launch, all of which introduced important new flight controller, obstacle avoidance, video downlink and camera innovations to consumer quadcopters.

Physical Serial Number Placement

Now, where precisely should you look on your particular Phantom 4 to locate its unique serial number?

On the original Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 4 Pro, the primary serial number sticker is actually affixed to the underside rear shell, near the ventilation intake. So you need to tilt the drone over to properly visually inspect and read out that long alphanumeric identifier.

Then for the Phantom 4 Pro V2 and Phantom 4 RTK, DJI actually moved the location on the shell. The serial sticker shifted towards the top side of the rear body. So be sure to check there if you own the updated Pro V2 or specialty RTK surveying drone.

In a pinch, a secondary serial can sometimes be found printed directly on the gimbal camera carriage itself, which may be visible without removing it from the drone. So that’s another spot to check.

Electronically Reading Serial Numbers

What if you don’t have physical access to the drone right now and need to pull the serial digitally instead?

Fortunately, the DJI Go mobile app and DJI Assistant 2 desktop utility both allow you to electronically read out connected drone serial numbers without direct access:

DJI Go Approach

  1. Connect mobile device to remote controller and drone WiFi
  2. Navigate to the menu profile icon
  3. Select the “About” section
  4. Scroll down to find serial numbers
image-2503 Where Is The Serial Number On A DJI Phantom 4?

DJI Assistant Method

  1. Install DJI Assistant 2 and connect PC to drone via USB cable
  2. Click the “Info” tab
  3. The section will populate with serial numbers

So either by plugging into Assistant 2 or connecting wirelessly over RC WiFi to Go, you can retrieve them.

Why Is the Exact Serial Number So Important?

Some may wonder – why go through the trouble of locating this long alphanumeric identifier?

Here are some of the key reasons properly identifying and documenting the DJI Phantom 4 serial number matters:

  1. Registration with aviation governing bodies
  2. Unlocking firmware updates
  3. Future trade-in or accurate used pricing
  4. Linking expenses like insurance/repairs to your unit
  5. Identifying manufacturing date and details

Without the exact serial number matching your specific P4 drone, you lose out on critical functionality from DJI and lack records that could be essential for property or tax purposes down the road.

image-2507 Where Is The Serial Number On A DJI Phantom 4?

Making Sense of Phantom 4 Serial Numbers

Beyond simply providing the serial, if we decode the typical format DJI uses, additional context can be derived:

SectionWhat It Signifies
First 2 characters (e.g. WS)Manufacturing site code
Next 5 digits (e.g. 5XXXX)Specific P4 model variant
Remaining charactersUnique incremental count

So while it may look like an indecipherable string of letters and numbers at first glance, the serial contains helpful coded production data. Checking against DJI’s databases, you can potentially determine exact manufacturing origin, date, the base model, and other helpful qualifiers.

This is why capturing the full accurate serial number from the start is so essential.

Can’t find the serial number yet?

For cases where you may be missing portions of the serial number due to label wear and tear over years of flight cycles or are unable to physically access your exact unit, there are still options.

You can reach out to DJI Support and reference any legible segments you can read, along with purchase dates, original box UPC/barcodes, invoice details etc. DJI maintains extensive manufacturing databases internally and should be able to help determine the related drone serial number from provided collateral information in many cases.

Next Steps

The key next steps around managing your DJI Phantom 4 serial number are:

  1. Identify exact model variant
  2. Physically check underside or topside labels
  3. Alternatively pull digitally in DJI mobile/desktop apps
  4. Document the full serial properly in your records
  5. Decode manufacturing details from format

Properly recording and understanding your Phantom 4 serial number gives you the ability to keep firmware updated, link to expenses/repairs, identify specs and recoup maximum trade-in or resale value when the time comes to upgrade. While it may seem minor, taking the time to correctly capture and archive this essential identifier pays dividends in the long run.

Final Words about Where is the Serial Number on a DJI Phantom 4

While the serial number may seem like a minor piece of drone identification, documenting and decoding the unique sequence for your DJI Phantom 4 unlocks extensive functionality and history around your device. Tilt over the quadcopter to check rear shell label placement based on the specific model.

Alternately leverage DJI’s own mobile and desktop apps to pull up serials digitally if needed. Reference the identifier for accurate registration, insurance records, servicing, firmware updates and eventual resale pricing. Or contact Phantom support armed with purchase dates and component codes to determine if all else fails. Consider taking a few minutes today to correctly record the serial – you’ll reap the long term rewards for years to come.

If you want to know more about Where Is The Serial Number On A DJI Phantom 4, check the following video out:

Serial number location for DJI Phantom 4, 3 Standard, Professional, & Inspire

FAQs about Where is the Serial Number on a DJI Phantom 4

How can I check my DJI serial number?

You can physically locate the serial number sticker on your DJI drone, under the shell or near vents typically. Also retrieve serials digitally in the DJI Go app or DJI Assistant software connected to your drone.

Is there a way to search for my drone serial number online?

Unfortunately DJI does not offer a drone serial number lookup/search tool publicly. You need to physically or digitally access your serial number first. Then can cross-reference details with DJI to validate manufacturing info.

How do I identify my DJI Phantom model?

There are a few methods to identify which DJI Phantom variant you have:

  1. Visually inspect the drone body and remote controller for any obvious badging with the model name, such as “Phantom 4 Pro
  2. Check the location of the serial number sticker. Earlier Phantoms had it under the rear body while newer Pro versions moved it to the top side.
  3. Connect the drone and remote to the DJI Go app or DJI Assistant desktop software. Navigate to device info sections and it may list the connected model by name.
  4. Lookup the 5 digits after the manufacturing site prefix (e.g. WSXXXXX) in the serial number which often corresponds to specific Phantom models.
  5. Contact DJI Support with your device serial number and purchase timeframe for them to confirm the exact model based on their production records.

Where are the model numbers listed for the DJI Phantom 4 series?

The DJI Phantom 4 model variants and numbers are:

  1. Phantom 4
  2. Phantom 4 Advanced
  3. Phantom 4 Pro
  4. Phantom 4 Pro V2

The specific model number is encoded into the 6 digits after the manufacturing site prefix in the serial number.

Where is the serial number placed on the DJI Air 3?

The DJI Air 2S serial number can be found on a sticker in the rear bottom battery compartment of the aircraft body shell.

What about the upcoming DJI Mini 3? Where will the serial number be?

Following DJI’s typical placement, expect the Mini 3 to have its serial number sticker located on the rear or side shell surface towards the bottom of the aircraft.

How can I find the serial number on the older Phantom 3?

Check near the vents on the lower rear half of the Phantom 3 for a sticker with the serial number format starting with WM for the production site prefix.

Where is the serial number located on the DJI Avata FPV drone?

The DJI Avata serial number is found on the inside of the bottom battery hatch cover which is detached to change batteries and access storage.

For DJI Ronin gimbals, where specifically is the serial number?

The DJI Ronin RS2 gimbal serial is located on the bottom of the main frame near the power button and power input. It can alternately be checked electronically when connected to the software for settings.


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