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What Is The Sky Viper Journey GPS Drone? Everything You Should Know

What is the Sky Viper Journey GPS drone? The Sky Viper Journey GPS drone is equipped with advanced features for enjoyable flights and smooth filming.

Drone technology has progressed to offer new users exciting yet accessible options. The Journey balances affordability with integrated precision tools, enabling adventures both creative and educational. We explore its specialized functions to understand how they streamline the flying experience.

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What is the Sky Viper Journey GPS drone?

The Sky Viper Journey is an affordable, entry-level drone equipped with GPS for more precise navigation and stable filming. It’s produced by Sky Viper, a popular manufacturer of RC planes, helicopters, and quadcopters.

Some key specs and features include:

  1. Uses GPS, GLONASS and Beidou satellite systems for precise positional data without relying solely on direct line of sight. This enables features like waypoints and subject tracking.
  2. Comes with a 3-axis stabilized 12MP camera that can capture 4K video and photos for aerial cinematography. Gimbal keeps footage smooth.
  3. Has a maximum range of around 3000 meters and flight time of 30 minutes from its included 5800mAh battery.
  4. Weighs only 900g making it portable for travel yet durable with its reinforced plastic construction. Also has IPX4 water resistance.
  5. Intelligent flight modes include TapFly, Point of Interest, Follow Me and others to simplify navigation and cinematography tasks.
  6. Controlled through a dedicated app and remote controller for intuitive piloting.
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How durable is it for outdoor use?

The Journey employs reinforced copolymer plastic construction for impact resistance if unexpected winds arise. IPX4 water-resistant electronics safeguard against light rain or mist.

What are the main flying specifications?

Battery5800mAh, 30min flight
Camera12MP, records 4K video @30fps
NavigationGPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
SpeedsBeginner: 10m/s, Expert: 18m/s

How stable is the camera?

A 3-axis gimbal steadily captures shakes and vibrations for cinematic-style shots. Various modes like Circle and Dronie also auto-track the subject while flying predefined patterns.

What intelligent modes are there?

Waypoints specify destinations on a virtual map, while Point of Interest focuses filming when reached. Follow Me uses the controller as a reference and Obstacle Avoidance enhances safety during navigation.

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How is the flight experience?

Responsiveness and simplicity characterize the app and remote. Beginners appreciate stability from skilled flight modes but experienced pilots control outright from the interactive interface.

What applications is it suited for?

Photography, videography, agriculture monitoring, property inspection, Event filming,search and rescue training and recreational photography thanks to the long flight time and versatile camera.

How do the beginner flight modes help?

The Journey has optional beginner modes that limit speed and complexity to assist pilots new to flying. Features like Headless Mode maintain consistent control no matter the drone’s directional facing.

What is TapFly mode and how does it work?

TapFly allows drawing a path on the screen for the drone to follow automatically. This guides initial practice gradually without reflex-heavy stabilization. Users gain familiarity before graduating to manual control.

How does Point of Interest help new pilots?

Setting custom Points of Interest designates locations to orbit and track subjects. This autonomous mode focuses solely on stable positioning and filming without additional navigation demands.

How does the Follow Me mode build confidence?

Follow Me enables using the controller like a subject for the drone to track behind at a set distance. It smooths a pilot’s hand while visually observing how movements affect flight in real-time.

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What are some other popular products from Sky Viper?

Here are some other popular drones and models offered by Sky Viper:

  1. Sky Viper V950GPS HD Drone – A mid-range 1080p HD camera drone with 6-axis gimbal and 3km range. Slightly more advanced than the Journey.
  2. Sky Viper V949HD Folding Drone – A compact folding mini-drone with headless mode and one-key return. Good for low-cost beginners.
  3. Sky Viper V950HD Quadcopter – Larger 720p camera drone with Gravity Sensor and Gyroscope for easier flying. Slightly cheaper than the V950GPS.
  4. Sky Viper Nitro Elites Series – High-performance racing drones for experienced pilots with speeds up to 60mph and FPV goggles.
  5. Sky Viper Pro Series – Professional filmmaking drones like the Dark Knight with 4K camera, obstacle avoidance and 8km range.
  6. Sky Viper RC Toys – Simpler WiFi FPV toys and mini drones without camera for young audiences.
  7. Sky Viper RC Planes, Helicopters – Sky Viper produces a range of scale RC planes, helicopters and multicopters beyond drones.

Final words about Sky Viper Journey GPS drone

The Sky Viper Journey GPS drone maximizes fun and functionality through rugged integrity and precision instruments. Simplified processes attract new flyers, while savvy pilots enjoy mastery over specialized capacities. As technologies evolve to broaden applications, it empowers creations both artistic and informative through the skies.

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To learn more about Sky Viper Journey GPS drone, check the following video out:

Sky Viper Journey GPS Drone

FAQs about Sky Viper Journey GPS drone

How far does Sky Viper drone fly?

Ranges vary by model but common ranges are 2-3km for entry drones and 5-8km for more advanced versions with FPV capabilities. The Journey has a maximum range of around 3000 meters.

Can I fly my Sky Viper drone with my phone?

While some basic Sky Viper models can be controlled via smartphone with the WiFi FPV function, most require using the dedicated remote controller for full control and extended range.

What app do you need for a Sky Viper drone?

The official Sky Viper Fly app is required to control Sky Viper drones with GPS and advanced functions like intelligent modes. It provides live video, photo/video downloads and firmware updates.

How do I connect my Sky Viper journey controller to my drone?

Simply turn the drone and controller on, the controller will auto connect to the drone as long as it is within range. The LED lights will sync to show successful connection.

Sky Viper journey pro

The Journey Pro is an upgraded version of the standard Journey with an enhanced 5K camera, obstacle sensing and an extended 6km transmission range.

Sky Viper drone app

The main app is called Sky Viper Fly, which allows full control and settings adjustments for Sky Viper drones with GPS or advanced features.

Sky Viper journey app

The Sky Viper Fly app is required for the Sky Viper Journey drone, providing camera view, intelligent flight modes, and control functionality.

Sky Viper journey pro video drone app

The Sky Viper Pro Fly app is needed for maximum controls on models like the Journey Pro with pro filming tools like automated tracking.

Sky Viper fury

The Fury is an advanced racing quadcopter known for speeds up to 60 mph in FPV flight through dedicated goggles for immersive racing experiences.

Sky Viper drone parts

Common replacement parts include propellers, motors, batteries, and camera modules through the official Sky Viper store or sites like Amazon.


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