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What Is The Shadow GPS Drone? Everything You Should Know

What is the Shadow GPS Drone? The Shadow GPS drone offers an accessible entry into the world of precision drone technology.

Drone flights unlock myriad possibilities for creativity and discovery. The Shadow presents integrated features that streamline aircraft control for beginners while retaining room to develop new skills. This guide examines its key functions for understanding applicability across purposes.

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What is the Shadow GPS drone?

The Shadow GPS drone is an affordable entry-level drone designed for beginners, produced by Holy Stone. Here are some of its key features and specifications:

  1. Integrated GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou navigation systems for precise positioning without relying on direct line of sight. This allows features like waypoints and subject tracking.
  2. Capable of flying up to 2km away thanks to its long-range transmission system. Flight time is approximately 20 minutes per battery charge.
  3. Equipped with a 720p camera that can take photos or record video footage. The camera is mounted on a adjustable gimbal for stable, smooth shots.
  4. Weighs 283 grams making it compact and portable. Its four rotor design provides stable, responsive flight.
  5. Features several automatic flight modes like orbiting subjects, following the controller, and one-key return for simplicity.
  6. Controlled through a dedicated smartphone app for functions like the camera, controls and intelligent flight modes.
  7. Suitable for both beginners learning to fly as well as capable of advanced maneuvers for experienced pilots.
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What are the advantages of Shadow GPS drone?

  1. Integrated GPS for precise positioning and navigation without line of sight
  2. Intelligent flight modes for easy automated functions
  3. Affordable price point for beginners

What app do I use for Shadow GPS drone?

The official Holy Stone Fly app allows full control, camera view and customization of the Shadow drone.

How much does the Shadow GPS drone cost?

Around $100-150 depending on bundles and sales. It’s positioned as an affordable entry-level drone.

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What are the alternatives to the Shadow GPS Drone?

  1. DJI Mini 2 – More advanced camera and functions at higher price
  2. Ryze Tello – Basic “trainer” drone good for beginners
  3. Potensic D58 – Similar features at lower cost than Shadow
  4. Holy Stone HS110D – Older model from same brand without GPS

How does the Shadow’s GPS navigation system work?

Here are the key points about how the Shadow GPS drone’s navigation system works:

  1. It utilizes both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems to pinpoint its exact location, altitude and orientation while flying.
  2. GPS satellites constantly transmit signals with timing data. The drone’s onboard receiver uses these signals to calculate its 3D position coordinates.
  3. GLONASS is Russia’s global satellite navigation system that works similarly to GPS. Using both systems provides more satellites and improves navigation accuracy.
  4. The drone’s flight controller integrates the positional data from the satellite signals to know exactly where it is in the sky at all times.
  5. This allows it to hold its position steadily when hovering, return automatically if the signal is lost, and fly guided routes or tracks.
  6. Intelligent flight modes like orbiting, following, and waypoints leverage the GPS data for autonomous navigation between points.
  7. Even when manually flown, GPS helps stabilize the drone and compensate for environmental factors like wind drift.
  8. The satellite navigation makes it easier for pilots to focus on camerawork and content capture rather than manual control.

How does the Shadow compare to other drones?

The Shadow competes in the affordable category against models such as the Holy Stone HS110D and Ryze Tello. It distinguishes through extras like a 720p camera, improved battery life and GPS navigation for precise positioning.

What are the Shadow’s tech specifications?

  1. Weight: 283g
  2. Battery: 1100mAh LiPo for 20min flight
  3. Camera: 720p with 90° adjusting lens
  4. Range: 2km with unobstructed signals
  5. Navigation: GPS and GLONASS
  6. Speeds: Beginner – 5m/s, Intermediate – 10m/s

What flight modes are available?

Notable preset modes simplify takeoff/landing and circling a subject. Waypoints chart a course, and Follow enables trailing a moving pilot. First-person view immerses through an connected controller.

How does the GPS benefit newcomers?

GPS-guided flight frees users from orientation problems and stabilizes hovering. Its automatic correction facilitates photo capturing from planned angles. Training becomes engaging as effects of inputs seem intuitive.

What about advanced maneuvering?

Experts appreciate sport mode’s faster response. Raw camera allows customized exposures. Techniques from flips to tap spots develop agility through repeated trials informed by real-time piloting feedback.

What applications is the Shadow appropriate for?

Recreational photography gains artistic perspectives. Property inspection evaluates hard-to-reach areas practically. Videography captures memorable events, and educational demonstrations depict scientific principles through aerial views.

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Final words about Shadow GPS drone

In closing, the Shadow presents a complete yet affordable entrance to aerial technologies. An emphasis on stability and learning aids welcomes newcomers to the skies, while allowance for precision and customized skills retains ongoing motivation. Its versatility suits applications from leisure to documentation.

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To learn more about Shadow GPS drone, check the following video out:

Promark GPS Shadow Drone

FAQs about Shadow GPS drone

What is GPS shadow?

GPS Shadow is a drone model produced by Promark that features integrated GPS navigation capabilities. The GPS allows for precise positioning, automated flight modes, and waypoint programming.

How do you use a Promark GPS drone?

To use a Promark GPS drone you need to charge the battery, bind the controller to the drone via the app or setup screen, power on both the drone and controller, then launch the app to control flight through intuitive interface on your phone or tablet.

How do I sync my Promark drone?

To sync a Promark drone, turn on the controller while the drone is powered on and within range. The controller and drone lights should flash to confirm a successful sync between the two devices via radio signal.

How do you fly a Promark CW drone?

To fly a Promark CW drone, switch it to Angle or Normal mode for stable flight. Use the throttle stick to control ascent and descent, and tilt the pitch/roll stick in the direction you want to fly to control movement left/right and forwards/backwards.

Promark GPS shadow drone website

The official website for the Promark GPS Shadow drone is, where you can find product information, support, manuals and purchase replacements parts.

Promark GPS shadow drone price

When it first launched, the Promark GPS Shadow drone retailed around $250-300 depending on bundles and included batteries/props. Used prices may now be lower.

Promark GPS shadow drone manual

Manuals for the Promark GPS Shadow drone providing full instructions can usually be found online through searches or on third party sites hosting drone manuals.

Promark GPS drone controller

Promark produces customized controllers to operate their drones featuring joysticks, buttons, antennas for extended range control of flight functions.

Promark GPS shadow drone battery

Standard replacement batteries compatible with the Shadow drone are often 1-2S 1100-2200mAh lithium polymer battery packs that can be sourced from Promark or other retailers.

Promark GPS shadow drone parts

Common replacement parts include propellers, motors, landing skids, etc. Propmack sells genuine parts through their website or authorized distributors.

Promark GPS drone battery

See answer above – standard 1-2S 1100-2200mAh lithium polymer battery packs are typically used on Promark drones.

GPS shadow drone Promark

GPS Shadow is a model of drone produced by the company Promark that features integrated GPS navigation for precision flights.


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