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What Is The Tenssenx GPS Drone? Everything You Should Know

What is the Tenssenx GPS Drone? The Tenssenx GPS drone brings professional filming features to all pilots through built-in technology and an intuitive design.

Drone technology empowers new perspectives and more efficient workflows. Where early models required expertise, modern options integrate precision tools. The Tenssenx drone balances capabilities with usability, so we explore its specialized functions.

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What is the Tenssenx GPS drone?

The Tenssenx GPS drone refers to a line of affordable drones produced by the company Tenssenx that feature integrated GPS navigation capabilities. Some key details:

  1. Tenssenx is a Chinese drone manufacturer known for budget-friendly quadcopters suited for both beginners and enthusiasts.
  2. Their GPS drone models include the TSRC Q5, TSRC A6, and TSRC X7 series.
  3. A defining feature is the inclusion of GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou satellite systems which allow for precision positioning and flying without reliance on visual line of sight.
  4. GPS enables features like programmed route flights, point of interest capturing, and the ability to find the drone’s location if a signal is lost.
  5. Tenssenx GPS drones typically also include 4K cameras stabilized by 3-axis gimbals for smooth aerial photography and videography.
  6. Apps provide live video downlinking, intelligent flight modes like orbiting and following subjects automatically.
  7. While more affordable than top brands, reviews praise the flying experience and stabilization for the price compared to non-GPS models.
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What are the advantages of Tenssenx GPS drone?

Here are some of the key advantages of the Tenssenx GPS drone:

  1. Precision navigation – The integrated GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou enables precise positioning without reliance on visual line of sight. This ensures accurate waypoint flights and subject tracking.
  2. Intelligent flight modes – GPS allows for automated features like programmed routes, point of interest capturing, orbiting subjects and following automatically.
  3. Location tracking – The drone can track its location via satellite if wireless video transmission or control signal is lost, enabling easy recovery.
  4. Stabilized 4K camera – Models offer smooth aerial videography and photography through a 3-axis stabilized 4K camera for sharp, steady footage.
  5. Affordable price – Tenssenx drones provide professional filming features at a lower cost compared to leading brands like DJI without compromising much on quality.
  6. Compact design – Being portable quadcopters, they fold up nicely for easy transportation and storage.
  7. Long range – GPS models range from mid-range control at 2-3km to advanced versions supporting 5-8km ranges.
  8. Intuitive app – Live video downlink, photo/video downloads, flight controls etc are managed through a user-friendly app.

What app do I use for Tenssenx GPS drone?

The official Tenssenx Fly app is used to control Tenssenx GPS drones. It allows full control of flight functions, live camera view, intelligent flight modes, photo/video downloads and firmware updates.

Applications of Tenssenx GPS drone

Common applications include aerial photography, videography, property inspection, event filming, agriculture monitoring, recreational flying, search and rescue training.

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How much does the Tenssenx GPS drone cost?

Pricing usually ranges from $100-300 depending on the specific model and included accessories/bundles. Entry-level models start from $100 while advanced versions can cost $300.

What are the alternatives to the Tenssenx GPS drone?

Some alternative options include DJI Mini 2, Ryze Tello, Holy Stone drones which offer portable designs and basic features. Other brands like Autel Robotics provide higher-end alternatives with more advanced cameras and sensors.

What key specs make it powerful?

Battery2200mAh, 25min flight
Camera12MP, records 4K video @30fps
NavigationGPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
Controller2.4GHz radio, built-in screen

How do I safely fly for the first time?

New pilots should find an open space, fully charge all components, enable beginner mode and practice basic maneuvers gradually through Return-to-Home and Emergency Stop.

What intelligent modes does it offer?

This drone has Waypoint planning to follow programmed routes, Gesture Control for motion commands, and ActiveTrack for locking onto subjects automatically.

How is footage captured and edited?

Simply open the app to live stream, snap photos or manually record stabilized 4K videos directly to the installed Micro-SD card. Content can be transferred for quick editing.

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How advanced is the vision positioning?

Precise downward and forward facing infrared sensors allow stable subject tracking even at distances or in crowded areas for smooth captures from new angles.

What applications does it support?

Common uses include aerial photography, videography, property inspection, event coverage, search and rescue training, agriculture monitoring and recreational flying.

Final words about Tenssenx GPS drone

The Tenssenx GPS drone empowers all flyers through reliable features and portability. Integrated navigation and vision technologies streamline photography and filming workflows. Regular practice develops one’s skills safely, while continuous updates expand its future potential applications.

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To learn more about Tenssenx GPS drone, check the following video out:

This TENSSENX GPS Drone is a fun beginner toy drone

FAQs about Tenssenx GPS drone

Is The Tenssenx Q5 Drone Any Good?

Reviews Praise The Q5 For Its Value, Flight Performance And 4K Camera. It Offers Smooth Tracking And Quality Features At An Affordable Price. Some Note Range Could Be Better.

What Is The Best Gps Drone For The Money?

Options Like The Holy Stone Hs720E, Ryze Tello, And Tenssenx Q5 Are Highly Rated Budget Picks With Gps And Other Capabilities For Beginners And Enthusiasts.

What Is The #1 Best Drone?

There Is No Unanimous #1, But Top Models Frequently Cited Include The Dji Mavic 3, Dji Air 2S, And Autel Evo Ii For Their Photo/Video Quality, Flight Performance And Sensor Features.

What Is The Most Expensive Drone?

Professional-Grade Options Like The Dji Inspire 2 ($6,000+), Autel Evo Enterprise ($15,000+), And Freefly Alta X ($25,000+) Represent The High-End Due To Advanced Filming Tools And Optional Equipment.

Tenssenx Drone Parts

Third-Party Replacement Parts Are Available For Things Like Propellers, Motors, Batteries And Cameras On Sites Like Amazon For Common Tenssenx Models.

Tenssenx Gps Drone Tsrc A6

The Tsrc A6 Is A Compact Tenssenx Travel Drone With Gps And 4K Camera That Packs Easily And Flies Steadily For Capturing Landscapes On The Go.

Tenssenx Gps Drone With 4k Camera

Models Like The Q5 Pro And Tsrc A6 Offer Integrated 4K Recording Stabilized By 3-Axis Gimbals Along With Precision Gps Navigation.

Tsrc X7 Drone

The Tsrc X7 Is A Mid-Sized Drone From Tenssenx Known For Its 5Km Range, Hd Live Transmission, And Tracking/Gesture Control Modes Through An Intuitive App.

Tsrc Q5 Drone

The Tsrc Q5 Is A Portable Beginner Drone Praised For Smooth Video, Easy Use, And Bonus Batteries/Props At A Low Price Point. Gps Helps Stable Positioning.

Tenssenx Drone Review

Reviews Praise Tenssenx Drones Like The Q5 For Capable Flying Experiences, 4K Photos/Videos, And Reliable Performance Valued At Affordable Costs For Most Pilot Types.

Tsrc Drones

Tsrc Is Tenssenx’s Drone Series Including Portable Models Like The Q5 And Mid-Range Options With The X7 Delivering Pro-Level Filming On Integrated Systems.

Tsrc Q8 Drone

The Tsrc Q8 Is An Advanced 720P Model Offering 8Km Range, Sensors And App-Based Subject Tracking Along With Raw Photo Modes For Serious Hobbyists.


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