2024 Smart Smoke Stopper XT90: Protect Your Drone


    A smoke stopper can help avoid damage when you power on a mini quad drone for the first time. Sometimes you might have a defective part or a short somewhere, the smoke stopper can limit the current flow and prevent “magic smoke” It saves your electronic components from current surges, and gives you a chance to troubleshoot the failure without having to replace the burnt-out parts.

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    The Smart Smoke Stopper XT90 is a safety essential for your mini quad drone. It acts as a protective measure, limiting current flow in the case of a faulty part or short circuit, thus preventing potential damage. This tool not only safeguards your electronics from current surges but also lets you troubleshoot issues without having to replace any burnt components.

    Features include a green LED indicator for current within 1.2A, which turns off and beeps if an abnormality is detected, providing immediate notification of any issues.


    This smoke stopper can help avoid damage when you power on your 2-8s quad drone for the first time

    XT90(Input and Output),suit for FPV drone with XT90 connector.


    Connector : XT90 (Input and Output)

    Trip current 1.2A

    Packing List

    1x iFlight XT90 Smoke Stopper.


    The Smoke Stopper is just one of many tools that should be in your electrical kit, It will not protect against all wiring errors, and you should always check your work with a multimeter before applying voltage.