2024 Best SIYI ZT30 Optical Pod 4 Sensors 4K Gimbal Camera


    1. Model: ZT30
    2. Resolution: 640 x 512
    3. Working Temperature: -10 ~ 50 ℃
    4. Waterproof Level: IP4X
    5. Wavelength Range: 900 ~ 908 nm
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    The SIYI ZT30 Optical Pod with its quartet of high-definition optical sensors represents a leap forward in aerial imaging technology. This cutting-edge camera system is engineered for an array of applications, from breathtaking aerial photography to precise mapping, and vigilant surveillance. Its robust and compact build ensures it can withstand the rigors of challenging environments. With the SIYI ZT30, drones are transformed into powerful tools for professionals across various sectors.

    Key Features:

    • Quad High-Resolution Optical Sensors: Capture crisp, detailed images from above with unparalleled clarity.
    • Multifunctional Aerial Imaging: Tailored for an array of uses such as photography, cartography, and security monitoring.
    • Sleek, Robust Build: A design that marries portability with ruggedness for consistent operation under demanding conditions.
    • Drone Capability Expansion: Elevate the functional prowess of your drone fleet.
    • Professional Versatility: A valuable asset for a multitude of professional operations.

    Innovative Imaging Features:

    • 4K Gimbal Camera with Infrared Zoom: The thermal camera boasts a 2x digital zoom, allowing for meticulous image detail control.
    • Harmonized Zoom Functionality: Both thermal and standard zoom cameras can magnify simultaneously, maintaining the same perspective for efficient data comparison and detail extraction.
    • Adaptive Video Split-Screen: The ZT30 can display video feeds from any two sensors in split-screen, with a third sensor’s stream in an overlay window.
    • Enhanced Starlight Night Vision: The highly sensitive starlight CMOS sensor ensures vivid imagery in low-light conditions.
    • Intuitive Point-to-Focus: Simply point to focus the zoom camera on a desired area for a sharp, detailed view.
    • Seamless Focus Tracking: The zoom camera maintains focus for smooth video capture, even during image scaling.
    • Advanced HDR Imaging: High Dynamic Range technology captures intricate details in both bright and dark areas of dynamic scenes, delivering true-to-life colors and natural light balance.


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    Enhance your aerial capabilities with the SIYI ZT30 Optical Pod, a sophisticated camera system designed for the modern drone operator. This unit is a marvel of engineering, offering unparalleled stability and precision across a wide range of applications.

    Core Specifications:

    • Model Number: ZT30
    • Video Output: Ethernet Connectivity
    • Control Interfaces: S.Bus, UART, and UDP (Ethernet)
    • Stabilization: Precision 3-axis (Yaw, Pitch, Roll) with High Accuracy
    • Operating Voltage Range: 11 to 25.2 V
    • Energy Efficiency: Average Power Consumption at 9 W, with Peaks up to 20 W
    • Weather Resistance: Rated at IP4X for protection against solid objects
    • Operational Temperature Range: -10 to 50 degrees Celsius
    • Dimensions: 182 x 140 x 134.5 mm (inclusive of the anti-vibration quick-release claw)
    • Weight: 870 g (inclusive of the anti-vibration quick-release claw)

    ZT30 Quick Release Anti-Vibration Claw:

    • Dimensions: 141 x 140 x 42.5 mm
    • Weight: 104 g

    Gimbal Features:

    • Vibration Control: Within ±0.01° for the smoothest footage
    • Pitch and Yaw: Full control with -90° to +25° pitch and limitless yaw
    • Roll Adjustment: -45° to +45°, offering comprehensive coverage

    Zoom Camera Attributes:

    • Optics: A powerful 30X Optical Zoom complemented by an 180X Hybrid Zoom capability
    • Focal Length: Versatile range from 4.8 to 149 mm (±5% margin)
    • Sensor: 1/2.7 inch with 8 MP effective resolution, ensuring sharp images
    • Aperture Range: F1.3 to F4.8 (±5%), adaptable to various lighting conditions
    • Field of View: Broad 62° horizontal
    • Video Resolutions: From 4K UHD at 30 fps to 720p HD for space-saving storage
    • Still Image Capture: Crisp 4K resolution for detailed photographs

    Thermal Imaging Camera:

    • High-Resolution: 640 x 512 for clear thermal detection
    • Zoom: 2X digital, to focus on the details that matter
    • Lens Specs: 19 mm focal length with a fixed focus and athermal design
    • Spectral Range: Broad 8 to 14 um wavelength coverage
    • Temperature Ranges: -20 to +150℃ in high gain mode, and 0 to +550℃ in low gain
    • Accuracy: ±2℃ or ±3℃ within specified temperature ranges
    • Measurement Modes: Point and full-screen for versatile thermal analysis

    Wide Angle Camera:

    • Sensor: 1/2.8 inch with 4 MP resolution, capturing expansive scenes
    • Focal Length Equivalent: 21 mm for wide field-of-view
    • Field of View: Generous 88° horizontal span
    • Video and Still Capture: 2K resolution at 30 fps for motion, and stunning 2K stills

    Laser Range Finder:

    • Distance Range: 5 to 1200 meters for precise measurements
    • Accuracy: ±1 m within 3-100 m range, scaling to ±1 + L*0.25% beyond
    • Laser Specs: A safe 5 mW power with 3 Hz pulse frequency

    General Camera Specifications:

    • Compression: Efficient 15 Mbps bitrate using H.265 codec
    • Storage Formats: FAT32 supported, with JPG for images and MP4 for video
    • Memory Card Compatibility: MicroSD Class10, up to 128GB capacity
    • Photography Modes: Single shot with evaluative metering for balanced exposures

    Package Contents:

    • 1 x SIYI ZT30 Optical Pod: Your all-in-one 4K 8MP camera with a 30X Optical and 180X Hybrid Zoom, ready to redefine aerial imaging.