Top 2024 Lightweight P1604 3.5″ FPV Motor


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    P1604 3.5″ freestyle sub 250g fpv motor is a motor product for 3.5 inch DIY drones.


    3.5 inch: indicates this motor is suitable for drones with 3.5 inch propellers. Larger propeller sizes mean larger drones.

    Freestyle: indicates this motor is suitable for freestyle drones, focusing more on agile and expressive flying.

    Sub 250g: indicates the thrust of this motor can lift drones under 250g takeoff weight. 250g is the registration threshold for drones in many countries.

    FPV: indicates this motor is suitable for drones carrying first-person-view (FPV) equipment, for FPV flying.

    In summary, the P1604 motor is designed for small DIY drones (maximum takeoff weight under 250g) to perform FPV freestyle flying. It provides sufficient power for various flight maneuvers, suitable for drone hobbyists.

    Additional information


    • More Thrust / High Efficiency / Stability
    • Special Self-tightening Design
    • Powerful Combination with T-motor U Series Motor


    USD200 Consumption Free Shipping by DHL Express (Excl. Remote Areas and Special Items).