Nazgul5 V2 6S HD: 2024 High-Def Racing Drone


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    This Nazgul5 HD is a 5″ RTF/ BNF (Bind-and-Fly) quadcopter that comes with the Runcam Link Wasp Digital HD System, and Nazgul 5″ 3-Blade propellers. This quad is the updated version of the XL5 V5 FPV frames. The Nazgul5 HD has been pre-tuned and set up with everything you need, all you need to do is bind-and-fly! Loaded with lots of power; it comes with the XING-E 2207 6S 1800KV motors, BLITZ F7 Flight Controller, and the BLITZ E45 2-6S 45A BLHeli_S 4-in-1 ESC, which make this quad a must-have!


    XING-E Pro 2207 motors and NAZGUL 5140 props

    5″ version also fits 5.1″ style propellers

    Fits both 30.5×30.5 and 20×20 stacks

    Runcam Link Wasp Digital HD System

    5mm arm design for more durability

    Popular True-X configuration

    LED illuminated Logo

    TPU crash-guards

    Easy-Swap arms


    Product Name:Nazgul5 V2 6S HD

    FC: BLITZ F722

    ESC: BLITZ E45 45A 4-IN-1 ESC

    Video Transmission: Polar Vista

    Frame: 255mm wheelbase

    Motor: XING-E Pro 2207 motors

    Prop: Nazgul 5 inch propellers

    Takeoff Weight:Approx. 609g

    Dimensions (L×W×H):170×170×32.5 mm

    Max Speed:130 Km/h (Manual Mode)

    Maximum Takeoff Altitude:5000 m

    Max Hover Time:Approx. 8 mins

    Max Flight Distance:5 km

    Max Wind Speed Resistance:130 Km/H (Level 4)

    Operating Temperature Range:-10° to 40° C (14° to 104° F)

    Antennas: 1 Antenna


    Video Transmission:

    Product Name: Polar Vista

    FPV Cam : Polar Cam


    Runcam Link: L19mm*W19mm*H19mm

    FPV Cam: L29mm * W29mm * H13mm

    Communication Frequency: 5.725-5.85GHz

    Transmission Power (EIRP):  FCC/SRRC/MIC: <20dBm;  CE: <14dBm

    Input Volts:14-26.4 V

    Weight: 23.5 g

    Image Sensor: 1/3.2”

    Resolution: 720P@120fps

    LENS: FOV D:155° H:125° V:96°

    Coaxial Cable:  120 mm

    Audio Transmission:Yes

    Packing List:

    1 x Nazgul5 V2 6S HD BNF

    1 x Antennas

    2 x Battery pads

    2 x Prop(Pairs)


    Don’t worry about tuning, we did that for you already! A basic PID- and Filter tuning was applied for a great flight experience!

    To restore lost tunes or updates, please check our linked article on “Firmware/Factory Dumps”

    Angle-Mode (self balancing level mode) is enabled by default to make sure your first flight doesn’t end in a mess!

    Please check our linked article on “How to disable Angle-Mode, activate Acro-Mode”


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