2024 Ultimate Drone Upgrade: Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC


    The Lumenier LUX H7 HD Ultimate Flight Controller is full of features including, dual plug-and-play 4in1 ESC ports, 13 PWM outputs, barometer, OSD, 7x UARTs, SD Card slot, CAN bus, 5v and 9v BEC, dual camera inputs, easy soldering layout and much more…
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    Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC:About this product

    The Lumenier LUX H7 HD Ultimate Flight Controller is the most advanced and most powerful flight controller from Lumenier yet! It uses a blazing fast H7 processor along with premium hardware components. Unleash the capabilities of your Cinema (Cine-Lifter) drone or FPV Racing Quadcopter with the Lumenier LUX H7 Ultimate Flight Controller. The LUX H7 is packed full of features like MPU6000 gyro, dual 4in1 esc plugs, 13 PWM outputs, dual camera support, BEC 9V power for DJI Air unit, Blackbox logging, and so much more!

    Lux-H7-Carbon-Fiber-product-banner 2024 Ultimate Drone Upgrade: Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC

    The LUX H7 builds on all the best features of its F7 predecessor and further improves on hardware components and layout. You get an incredible 7x dedicated UART ports with built-in inversion for peripherals, along with an SD Card slot for practically unlimited data logging. In addition, the LUX H7 can connect up to 13 PWM signals at once! That means it can easily support an Octo-copter, X8, or something even more creative with up to 13 PWM outputs. Eight of these outputs are plug-and-play ready with dual 4in1 ESC connectors right on the flight controller. Dual 4in1 ESC stacks + FC is super simple and clean now with the plug and play configuration.

    The integrated BetaFlight OSD makes it super simple to display important information on your FPV display like battery voltage, flight time, warnings, RSSI, smart audio features and more. Going digital instead? No problem, simply output the OSD data via an open UART such as the integrated TX3/RX3 on the plug and play harness for DJI FPV Air Unit.

    The features don’t stop there! The LUX H7 has the ability to run 2 analog camera signals, with a built switching ability. This means you can run 2 cameras simultaneously and assign a switch via the PINIO feature in Betaflight to alternate between the 2 feeds at the flip of a switch. Installing a front and rear camera has never been easier!

    Have you ever been in an FPV race where you need to plug in your quad, but you don’t want to broadcast an FPV signal to knock your friends out of the air? Or how about you crash, and need to save your VTX from burning up while baking in the hot sun. With the LUX H7 you can remotely turn your VTX on or off via a switch on your radio! The LUX features an on-board 3A 9V regulated power pad designed to power your video transmitter (Like DJI FPV Air Unit). Using the PINIO resource, you can assign this pad to a switch on your radio, remotely controlling the power source to your video transmitter.

    Long range quad and FPV plane pilots will also love the Lumenier LUX H7. It has all the features you need to take full advantage of the long range and autonomous flight technology. The LUX H7 has an on-board barometer, buzzer pad, I2C pad, Ardupilot support, iNAV support (coming soon), GPS/compass pads, and up to 13 PWM inputs S1-S12 +LED for a ton of servo and motor control.

    The Lumenier LUX H7 Ultimate is a very low profile board allowing it to be mounted in a variety of ways. Signal wires can be soldered directly to the break-out pads to save on size and weight or use the included plug and play cables. The LUX supports PPM or Serial RX (including FrSky, S.BUS, DSMX, etc.).

    Lux-H7-product-banner 2024 Ultimate Drone Upgrade: Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC

    Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC:Features

    • MCU: STM32H743VIT6, 480MHz , 1MB RAM, 2MB Flash
    • IMU: MPU6000 (SPI1)
    • Baro: Infineon DPS310 (I2C2)
    • OSD: AT7456E (SPI2)
    • Blackbox: MicroSD card socket (SDIO)
    • 7x UARTs (1,2,3,4,6,7,8) with built-in inversion.
    • 13x PWM outputs(including “LED” pad)
    • 2x I2C ports
    • 1x CAN bus
    • 6x ADC
    • USB Type-C (USB2.0)
    • 2x JST-SH1.0_8pin connector for 4in1 ESC
    • 1x JST-SH1.0_8pin connector for DJI FPV Air Unit
    • Dual Camera Inputs switch
    • 9V ON/OFF switch
    • Vbat Input: 6~36V (2~8S LiPo)
    • BEC 5V 2A cont. (Max.3A)
    • BEC 9V 2A cont. (Max.3A)

    Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC:Specifications

    • High quality, gold plated PCB
    • USB C connector for programming
    • Dimensions: 36x36x6mm (includes USB in height)
    • Mounting Holes: 30.5mm square to center of holes
    • Weight: 7g

    Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC:Firmware Targets

    • BetaFlight: MATEKH743 (v4.3 and above)
    • ArduPilot: MATEKH743
    • iNav: MATEKH743

    Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC:Dimensions

    • Mounting: 30.5 x 30.5mm, Φ4mm with Grommets Φ3mm
    • Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 5 mm

    Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC:Manual

    • Download the Lumenier LUX H7 HD User Manual

    Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC:Firmware

    • Download Betaflight Configurator – Latest Betaflight Firmware (LUX H7 is supported in 4.3 and above)
      • Find the latest stable build of BF 4.3 here
    • The LUX H7 HD comes with a customized version of BF 4.2.8 from the factory
      • Download the custom LUX H7 HD BetaFlight 4.2.8 .hex here
      • Download the custom LUX H7 HD BetaFlight 4.2.9 .hex here

    Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC:ArduPilot Target MATEKH743

    • Youtube Installing ArduPilot on an H743 Flight Controller
    • MPU6000 instead of ICM20602+MPU6000 on H743-SLIM V1.5/ H743-mini V1.5/H743-WING V2.

    Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC:INAV

    • inav_3.0.2_MATEKH743
    • inav_4.0.0_MATEKH743
    • MPU6000, default

    Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC:BetaFlight Target MATEKH743

    • betaflight_4.2.8_MATEKH743
    • betaflight_4.2.9_MATEKH743
    • betaflight_4.2.10_MATEKH743
    • betaflight_4.2.10_MATEKH743_426XX.hex for H743-SLIM V1.5, H743-mini V1.5, H743-WING V2
    • betaflight_4.3.0RC1_MATEKH743_426XX.hex for H743-SLIM V1.5, H743-mini V1.5, H743-WING V2
    • betaflight_4.3.0RC2_MATEKH743_426XX.hex for H743-SLIM V1.5, H743-mini V1.5, H743-WING V2

    Note: There is a known bug with BF 4.2.xx on this board related to M7 output and bi-directional dshot. We suggest downloading the latest stable release of 4.3 which fixes this issue.  Find the latest stable build of BF 4.3 here (download MATEKH743 hex file)

    Lumenier-LUX-H7-Ultimate-Flight-Controller-DJI-RX6-bridge 2024 Ultimate Drone Upgrade: Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC

    Lumenier-LUX-H7-Ultimate-Flight-Controller-pinout-front 2024 Ultimate Drone Upgrade: Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC

    Lumenier-LUX-H7-Ultimate-Flight-Controller-pinout-back 2024 Ultimate Drone Upgrade: Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC

    Lumenier™ and LUX™ are registered trademarks  of Lumenier.

    Lumenier LUX H7 HD FC:Includes

    • 1x Lumenier LUX H7 HD Ultimate Flight Controller
    • 4x Anti-vibration silicone grommets (for M3 sized screws, pre-installed, 6mm total height)
    • 2x 8pin micro JST-SH 6cm cable (for ESCs) + 2x extra 8pin micro JST-SH connectors
    • 1x 6pin micro JST-SH to JST-GH 8cm cable (for DJI Air Unit)