How To Download DJI Firmware?

How To Download DJI Firmware? Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the DJI website
  2. Navigate to the support or downloads section
  3. Select your specific drone model
  4. Download the firmware file for your drone.

Downloading the latest firmware for your DJI drone is essential for ensuring optimal performance, accessing new features, and addressing any known issues. DJI regularly releases firmware updates to improve flight stability, enhance functionality, and enhance the overall user experience.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to download DJI firmware for your drone.

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What Is The Preparation Before Downloading?

First you’ll want to see what firmware version you are currently running:

  • For the drone and remote controller, check in the DJI app.
  • For batteries, view the firmware number in the app battery info section.
  • For other devices like the DJI FPV Goggles, check the version in the product menu.
  • Write down or take screenshots of your current version numbers to compare.

To check your current DJI firmware:

  • Drone/Controller – Check version in DJI app
  • Batteries – App battery info section
  • Other devices – Product menus
  • Document current versions to compare

Locating Firmware Release Notes

DJI lists release notes with every new firmware detailing changes:

  • Go to the official DJI Support site.
  • Select your specific DJI model from the options.
  • Choose Firmware from the menu.
  • This displays firmware release notes for your product.
  • Review improvements and new features as you browse versions.
image-1598 How To Download DJI Firmware?

To view firmware release notes:

  • Go to DJI Support site
  • Select your specific DJI model
  • Choose Firmware from menu
  • Review release notes for each version

How To Download Firmware Files from DJI?

Once you’ve identified a desired new firmware, download it:

  • From the firmware release notes, click the download link.
  • For drones, you’ll download a .bin file.

  • For remotes and devices, it’s typically a .zip file.
  • Save the firmware file(s) somewhere easily accessible.

To download, follow these steps:

  • Click download link on the release notes
  • Drones – Download .bin file
  • Remotes/devices – Download .zip
  • Save firmware files in accessible location

How To Download Firmware Updates for Batteries?

DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries also receive periodic firmware updates:

  • Identify the correct battery series for your model.

  • Download the newest battery firmware .zip file.

  • Inside are separate .bin files for each battery variant.

  • You’ll use the matching .bin file later to update your specific battery.

For battery updates:

  • Find battery support section and identify correct series
  • Download new battery firmware .zip file
  • .Zip contains specific .bin files for each battery type
  • Use matching .bin later to update your battery

Determining if Firmware is Official from DJI

It’s important to verify firmware is an official DJI release:

  • Downloads should only come from the official DJI site.
  • Check that DJI domain is present in download URLs.
  • Firmware files should have the .bin or .zip extensions.
  • Verify the digital signature included in firmware files.
  • Official firmware won’t damage or “brick” devices when installed properly.
image-1599 How To Download DJI Firmware?

To confirm official DJI firmware:

  • Downloads come from DJI site
  • URLs have DJI domain
  • .bin or .zip files extensions
  • Digital signature verified
  • Won’t damage devices if installed correctly

Using Cached Firmware Downloads

You can often avoid re-downloading firmware when updating multiple items:

For multiple updates:

  • DJI apps cache downloaded firmware files
  • Previously downloaded files stored on your mobile device
  • Can use cached firmware to update other same model devices
  • Avoids needing to download again
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Keeping Firmware Backups

It’s wise to keep copies of downloaded firmware:

  • Store firmware .bin and .zip files on your computer as a backup.

  • Copy the DJI app firmware cache to another device periodically.

  • Backups allow reinstalling previous firmware versions if needed.

  • Retain backups in case DJI removes old firmware from their servers.

  • Clearly label firmware files by version for easy lookup.

Best practices for backups:

  • Save firmware downloads on computer
  • Periodically copy app cached firmware
  • Allows reinstalling previous versions if required
  • In case DJI removes old firmware from servers
  • Label files clearly for easy identification

How Should I Download DJI Firmware Safely?

When downloading DJI firmware, it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure a smooth and safe process.

Here are some precautions to keep in mind:

  • Choose the correct firmware: Make sure to select the correct firmware version for your specific drone model. Using incorrect firmware can lead to compatibility issues and potentially damage your drone.

  • Check release notes: Before downloading and installing the firmware, read the release notes provided by DJI. This will provide information about the changes, improvements, and any known issues addressed in the firmware update.

  • Ensure stable internet connection: Downloading firmware requires a stable internet connection. Avoid interruptions or disconnections during the download process to prevent incomplete or corrupted firmware files.
image-1601 How To Download DJI Firmware?
  • Use a reliable computer: Use a reliable and secure computer to download and transfer the firmware to your drone. Ensure that your computer is free from malware or viruses that could potentially affect the firmware file.

  • Backup data: Before installing the firmware update, consider backing up any important data, such as flight logs or camera settings, from your drone. This will allow you to restore your data if any issues arise during the firmware update process.

  • Follow instructions carefully: Follow the instructions provided by DJI for installing the firmware update. Pay attention to any specific steps or precautions mentioned to ensure a successful update and minimize the risk of errors.

  • Avoid interruptions: During the firmware installation process, avoid interrupting the update or turning off the drone. Interruptions can result in a failed or incomplete firmware installation, potentially causing issues with the drone’s functionality.

By following these precautions, you can minimize the risks associated with downloading DJI firmware and ensure a safe and successful update for your drone.

Final words about Download DJI Firmware

Downloading DJI firmware is a straightforward process that allows you to keep your drone up to date with the latest features and improvements. By regularly updating the firmware, you can ensure optimal performance, stability, and safety during your drone flights.

Remember to follow the instructions provided by DJI and exercise caution during the firmware update process to avoid any potential issues. Enjoy flying your DJI drone with the latest firmware enhancements!

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FAQs about Download DJI Firmware

DJI Assistant 2 (Consumer Drones Series)

DJI Assistant 2 supports a range of DJI consumer drones, including popular models like the DJI Mavic series, DJI Mini series, and DJI Spark. It allows users to perform firmware updates, adjust settings, and access advanced features specific to these drone models.

What is the best place to download DJI firmware?

Always download firmware from the official DJI website to ensure you get authentic files from the drone manufacturer.

Do I need an internet connection to update firmware?

You need an internet connection just for downloading the files – the actual firmware updates are done wirelessly via the drone and controller.

What problems can unofficial firmware cause?

Unofficial third-party firmware not approved by DJI can potentially brick devices, cause serious malfunctions, and void your warranty.

Where does the DJI app cache downloaded firmware files?

The DJI GO and DJI Fly apps typically cache downloaded firmware installation packages in the private application storage folders on your mobile device.

Why keep firmware backups?

Backing up your downloaded firmware allows you to reinstall previous working versions if an update causes issues or has bugs


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