2024’s Best CF:G26*8.5 Three-Blade Propeller for Drones


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    “3 CF:G26*8.5 CF Three-blade propeller” refers to a three-blade propeller made from Carbon Fiber (CF). Here are some characteristics of this propeller:


    CF, or Carbon Fiber, is a very strong and lightweight material often used in high-performance applications such as racing and aviation. In the context of drone propellers, carbon fiber provides excellent rigidity and durability.


    G26*8.5 refers to the size of the propeller. G26 refers to the diameter of the propeller, typically measured in inches, and 8.5 refers to the pitch of the propeller, which is the distance the propeller would theoretically move forward in one revolution if it were moving through a solid.

    Number of Blades:

    A three-blade propeller, as the name suggests, is a propeller with three blades. This design can provide better performance, stability, and maneuverability, but it can also consume more power than two-blade propellers.

    Please note that the specific characteristics and performance of a propeller can vary based on its design and the drone it’s used with. It’s always a good idea to refer to the product specifications and reviews when choosing a propeller for your drone.

    Additional information


    • More Thrust / High Efficiency / Stability
    • Special Self-tightening Design
    • Powerful Combination with T-motor U Series Motor


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