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8 Best Drone Camera most suited for

Drone ModelCamera FeaturesIdeal Users Based on Camera
DJI Mavic 3Dual-camera Hasselblad system, up to 20MP, 5.1K videoProfessional aerial photographers and videographers needing the highest resolution and video quality
DJI Air 2S1” CMOS sensor, 20MP, 5.4K videoProsumers wanting great image quality and resolution without the Mavic 3 price
Autel EVO II Pro1” CMOS sensor, 48MP, 8K videoCommercial drone pilots needing high megapixel stills and 8K video production
DJI Mini 3 Pro1/1.3” CMOS sensor, 48MP, 4K videoSocial media content creators and travelers wanting high quality stills and 4K video in a portable package
DJI Avata1/1.7” CMOS sensor, 48MP, 4K videoFPV enthusiasts wanting good photography and video capabilities in a racing drone
Skydio 2+12MP camera, 6K videoProfessionals needing good quality video from an autonomous drone, but not the highest resolution
Parrot Anafi Ai48MP 1/1.28” sensor, 4K videoBudget aerial shooters wanting good photography and video quality without high cost
Autel Nano+48MP 1/1.28” sensor, 4K videoCasual users wanting excellent still photos from a compact folding drone

DJI Mavic 3

image-451 8 Best Drone Camera 2024


  • Hasselblad camera with 4/3 CMOS sensor, up to 20MP stills, 5.1K video resolution
  • Dual-camera system – wide angle and telephoto lenses
  • Omnidirectional obstacle sensing
  • 46 minutes max flight time
  • 15km HD video transmission range
  • ActiveTrack 5.0 with 360 degree obstacle avoidance


  • Excellent camera quality and zoom capabilities
  • Very stable flight and maneuverability
  • Long flight time and transmission range
  • Sophisticated safety sensors and avoidance tech
  • Automated flight modes and subject tracking


  • Very expensive, retails for $2,199 just for the standard model
  • Large and heavy compared to other consumer drones
  • Not capable of 8K video like some competitors
  • Advanced features require learning curve


  • Starts at $2,199 for the standard model
  • Fly More Combo with extras is $2,999

Why Pick It:
The Mavic 3 is the best choice for aerial photographers and videographers who want superb camera quality and advanced flight capabilities from a drone. It has one of the best cameras on a consumer UAV and extensive automated flight modes. The safety features make it a great choice for beginners too. If the high price isn’t an obstacle, the Mavic 3 is arguably the most capable all-around consumer drone available today.

DJI Air 2S

image-452 8 Best Drone Camera 2024


  • 1″ CMOS sensor camera, up to 20MP stills, 5.4K video
  • OcuSync 3.0 HD transmission, 12km range
  • 31 minutes max flight time
  • Four-direction obstacle sensing
  • Supports ActiveTrack 4.0, Spotlight 2.0, Point of Interest 3.0


  • Great camera with 1″ sensor and 5.4K video
  • Long transmission range
  • Good flight time and speed
  • Obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Smart flight and subject tracking modes


  • No zoom camera
  • No 360-degree obstacle sensing
  • Less sophisticated tracking than Mavic 3
  • Lower video bitrates than some drones


  • $999 for standard model
  • Fly More Combo is $1,299

Why Pick It:
The Air 2S is an excellent choice for aerial photography and videography on a budget. It has a sizable 1-inch sensor for great image quality, long range, a good selection of intelligent flight modes, and a more affordable price point. For many users, the Air 2S provides the optimal combination of price, camera quality and smart features. It’s a great alternative to the more expensive Mavic 3.

Autel EVO II Pro

image-453 8 Best Drone Camera 2024


  • 1″ CMOS sensor camera, 48MP stills, 8K video
  • Ocusync 3.0 HD video transmission, 9km range
  • 40 minutes maximum flight time
  • Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Subject tracking modes like ActiveTrack, Orbit, Waypoint


  • 8K video capability
  • Large sensor allows high resolution stills
  • Long flight time for a consumer drone
  • Good obstacle avoidance coverage
  • Intelligent flight modes


  • Very expensive at $1,500 just for drone
  • Large and heavy, not as portable
  • Controller doesn’t have built-in screen
  • More limited automated flight modes than DJI


  • $1,500 for basic package
  • $1,800 for premium bundle with extra batteries and bag

Why Pick It:
The EVO II Pro is ideal for commercial pilots and videographers needing 8K video and high megapixel photographs. It has excellent camera specs and flight time. But it is expensive, bulky, and lacks some smart features found on DJI drones. For most consumers, the lower priced Air 2S or Mavic 3 will be better options. The EVO II Pro appeals most to professionals needing top-tier camera capabilities.

DJI Mini 3 Pro

image-454 8 Best Drone Camera 2024


  • 1/1.3″ CMOS sensor camera, 48MP photos, 4K/60fps video
  • OcuSync 3.0, 12km HD video transmission range
  • 34 minutes maximum flight time
  • Forward, backward and downward obstacle sensing
  • ActiveTrack, Spotlight, Point of Interest modes


  • Great camera and 4K video in a mini drone
  • Very portable and lightweight (249g)
  • Long transmission range for size
  • Good flight time for a small drone
  • Automated flight modes


  • No 360-degree obstacle sensing
  • Wind can impact flight stability due to light weight
  • No zoom capabilities
  • Lower video bitrates than Mavic 3 or Air 2S


  • $759 for standard model
  • $999 for Fly More Kit bundle

Why Pick It:
The Mini 3 Pro is the best sub-250g drone available, making it exempt from registration. It combines excellent camera quality and automated flights in an ultraportable form factor. The long range and flight time are also impressive for its size. It’s the perfect drone for travel, real estate, social media content creators, and anyone who wants high quality aerial footage without the bulk and complexity of larger drones.

DJI Avata

image-456 8 Best Drone Camera 2024


  • Built-in camera, 1/1.7” CMOS sensor, 48MP stills, 4K/60fps video
  • OcuSync 3.0, 10km HD range
  • 18 minutes maximum flight time
  • Forward, backward, downward, and upward obstacle sensing
  • Manual flight only


  • Small and lightweight (410g) for FPV flying
  • Good 4K video and 48MP photo capabilities
  • Long 10km transmission range
  • Omnidirectional obstacle sensing is a plus
  • Intuitive manual flight control with motion controller


  • Short 18 minute flight time
  • No intelligent flight modes or subject tracking
  • Higher price point for an FPV drone
  • Still larger than many custom built FPV drones


  • $1,388 for Avata drone only
  • $1,728 for Fly Smart Combo with motion controller and extra battery

Why Pick It:
The Avata offers an easy way to get into first person view drone flying. It has excellent HD video quality in a portable size, with the safety of obstacle avoidance sensors. The motion controller makes manual flight more immersive. But the high price, lack of smart features, and short flight time means it appeals primarily to recreational FPV fliers willing to pay more for DJI’s usability and video quality.

Skydio 2+

image-457 8 Best Drone Camera 2024


  • 12MP camera, up to 6K video
  • Skydio 3 transmission, 6.2mi (10km) range
  • 35 minutes max flight time
  • Six 4K navigation cameras with 360° obstacle avoidance
  • Autonomous flight modes like ActiveTrack, Orbit, Waypoints


  • Truly autonomous flying and subject tracking
  • Excellent obstacle avoidance with 360° sensors
  • Long flight time and range
  • Good video and photo quality
  • Easy to fly even for beginners


  • Expensive at $1,099 starting price
  • Large and heavy compared to consumer drones
  • Lower resolution camera and video than competitors
  • Geofenced to stay within line of sight


  • $1,099 for drone only
  • $1,499 for bundle with remote, battery, charger

Why Pick It:
The Skydio 2+ is the drone to get if autonomous flight and intelligent tracking is your priority. It can follow and film subjects completely autonomously even in complex environments. The 360° obstacle avoidance is perfect for fast-paced activities. But the lower resolution camera and high cost limit its appeal for recreational users focused on camera quality. The Skydio 2+ is ideal for independent media creators, extreme sports enthusiasts, and professionals needing autonomous flight.

Parrot Anafi Ai
image-458 8 Best Drone Camera 2024


  • 48MP 1/1.28″ CMOS sensor camera, 4K video
  • OcuSync 2.0, 4.3mi (7km) range
  • 32 minutes max flight time
  • Front and bottom obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Subject tracking like Follow Me, Touch & Fly


  • Great camera with large 1/1.28” sensor
  • Impressive 180° tilt gimbal and 2.8x lossless zoom
  • Good flight time
  • Automated flight modes and tracking
  • Foldable, lightweight and portable


  • Limited obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Shorter transmission range than competitors
  • Advanced features require subscription
  • Brand not as well known or trusted as DJI


  • $798 for standard model
  • $1,390 for bundle with extra battery and accessories

Why Pick It:
The Anafi Ai is a good option for those wanting great camera quality from a foldable drone, without the high cost of top DJI models. It offers advanced flight features and subject tracking at a more budget friendly price point. But the limited sensing and range hold it back from being a top consumer choice. Still, the Anafi Ai is appealing for budget-minded aerial photographers and videographers.

Autel Nano+

image-2785 8 Best Drone Camera 2024


  • 1/1.28” CMOS sensor camera, 48MP photos, 4K/30fps video
  • HD video transmission, up to 4.1mi (6.6km) range
  • 34 minutes max flight time
  • Downward obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Orbit, Waypoint, View flight modes


  • Large 1/1.28” sensor for great image quality
  • Foldable and lightweight (249g) design
  • Long flight time for its compact size
  • Decent radio range for a mini drone
  • Good selection of automated flight modes


  • Lacks subject tracking capabilities
  • Minimal downward-facing sensors only
  • Video capped at 4K/30fps
  • Autel brand not as well known


  • $649 for basic package
  • $849 for Fly More Combo with extras

Why Pick It:
The Nano+ is a good option for those wanting a highly portable drone with great camera quality for photos and videos. It offers many automated flight modes in a sub-250g package that doesn’t require FAA registration. But obstacle avoidance and tracking capabilities are limited. For most users, the similarly priced DJI Mini 3 Pro is likely the better choice, but the Nano+ is a viable lower-cost alternative.

Final words about Best Drone Camera

In 2023, there are many excellent drone cameras available to suit different needs and budgets. DJI remains the dominant player in the consumer and prosumer drone market, with models like the Mavic 3, Air 2S and Mini 3 Pro offering a great blend of portability, camera quality, and intelligent flight modes.

For those wanting the best photography and videography quality without regard to price, the DJI Mavic 3 is hard to beat, with its dual-camera Hasselblad system and 5.1K video. Alternatives like the Autel EVO II Pro bring 8K video and high megapixel stills for professionals.

For more budget-focused buyers wanting good automated flight and tracking, the DJI Mini 3 Pro packs impressive 4K video and photography in an ultraportable 249g body. Autel’s Nano+ is a competitively priced alternative.

And for those needing true hands-free autonomous flying and subject tracking, the Skydio 2+ is the top choice, albeit at a premium price point.

Other options like the DJI Avata and Parrot Anafi Ai bring different strengths at various price points for recreational, commercial and industrial users. With so many models now offering great camera specs, flight times and safety features, there are excellent drone camera options for every type of aerial photography and videography need.

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