DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday Deals in 2024

What is DJI Mini 3 Pro black friday? DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday refers to the potential deals and discounts that may be available for this drone during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping period in late November.

The DJI Mini 3 Pro has been a top-selling drone since its release in May 2022. Combining professional camera capabilities, 34 minutes of flight time, and a lightweight folding design under 250 grams, it has become a favorite of hobbyists, travelers, and vloggers.

Now over a year old, Black Friday 2024 presents the first opportunity for major discounts on this outstanding but expensive drone.

Consumers eagerly await any savings they can find on the $759 Mini 3 Pro this holiday shopping season. Here’s what to expect for DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday deals, bundles, and exclusive promotions for 2024.

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Recapping the Mini 3 Pro’s Standout Features

Before diving into potential deals, here’s a quick overview of why the Mini 3 Pro has been in such high demand:

image-1183 DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday Deals in 2024


Weighing less than 250 grams, the Mini 3 Pro doesn’t require drone registration in most regions. The redesigned body and folding rotor arms pack down incredibly small, making it easy to stash in any bag.

Camera Upgrades

A 1/1.3″ CMOS sensor captures crisp 4K/60fps video and 48MP photos, a huge jump up from 2020’s Mini 2. The stabilized 3-axis gimbal produces professional-level results.

Extended Flight Time

A more efficient motor and battery design allows flight times up to 34 minutes, a major increase over previous Mini models. This provides more aerial coverage and creative flexibility per battery charge.

Enhanced Autonomy

Thanks to forward, backward, and downward facing sensors, the Mini 3 Pro adds obstacle avoidance for beginner-friendly flying. APAS 4.0 replicates maneuvers seen in DJI’s higher-end drones.

Improved Range

The O3 transmission extends the Max Video Transmission Range out to 10 km. Pilots can fly much farther while maintaining a clear low-latency HD video feed.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Current Pricing

image-1184 DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday Deals in 2024

The Mini 3 Pro retailsdirect from DJI for $759 for the base package and up to $1,059 when bundled with the remote controller, extra batteries, and other accessories.

Third party retailers like Amazon and B&H Photo typically match DJI’s MSRP pricing on newly released drones. But with the Mini 3 Pro now over a year old, recent sales have started:

  1. Amazon offered a 10% discount at $679 in October 2022
  2. DJI discounted refurbished units to $609 in November 2022
  3. Retailers ran 15% off bundles around the 2022 holidays

Are Big DJI Black Friday Deals Coming in 2024?

image-1187 DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday Deals in 2024

DJI has offered Black Friday and holiday promotions on drones for years. But most major sales have been for older models like the Mavic Air 2 released back in 2020.

As a still relatively new 2022 drone, is the Mini 3 Pro overdue for substantial Black Friday discounts in 2024? There are promising indicators:

Maturing Product Cycle

At 18+ months since release, retailers are more open to promotions to clear inventory for an aging product.

Sell Through Existing Stock

The Mini 3 Pro has sold well consistently, meaning retailers likely have units piled up they’re motivated to sell off.

Consumer Spending Caution

In an uncertain economy, consumers scrutinize purchases. Deep deals may prompt those putting off a drone purchase.

New Competition

Rivals like the Autel Nano+ already undercut the Mini 3 on pricing. Discounting becomes appealing to stay competitive.

The timing and conditions suggest the Mini 3 Pro is finally ripe for retailers to offer a significant Black Friday deal in 2024. But are discounts guaranteed?

Should You Wait for 2024 Black Friday Deals?

image-1188 DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday Deals in 2024

Scoring the lowest possible price on the DJI Mini 3 Pro this Black Friday requires exercising some patience and strategy:

Shop Early Discounts Too

Retailers like Amazon often run drone deals in October and early November. Consider locking these in rather than risking sell outs later.

Monitor New Mini 4 Rumors

If leaks suggest a Mini 4 is imminent in 2024, retailers may cut prices deeper to clear Mini 3 Pro inventory.

Use Price Protection

Cards like AMEX and Citi offer price protection if an item drops lower within 90 days of purchase.

Consider Bundles

Kits adding extra batteries, bags, filters, and accessories can amount to huge savings over buying individually later.

Factor in Tax Benefits

If claiming the drone as a business purchase, buying at the lowest price is less critical due to tax deduction benefits.

Expected DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday Deals for 2024

image-1185 DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday Deals in 2024

Based on past DJI Black Friday promotions, here are potential discounts to watch for:

Doorbuster Headline Deals

Major retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart often spotlight hot drones in top deals. The Mini 3 Pro could see prime positioning.

15-20% Off

B&H, Adorama, DJI, and Amazon typically offer a base discount in the 15-20% range on older but still popular drones.

Free Extras

Pricier Fly More Combo kits may come with major extras like a Smart Controller, extra battery, or carry case thrown in for free.

Manufacturer Refurbished

DJI’s official refurbished drones see discounts up to 30% off. Grab Mini 3 Pros once restocked for the holidays.

Lightning Deals

Amazon’s famous short-term Lightning Deals on drones can hit 40% or more when they appear, but sell out in minutes.

Expert Tips for DJI Black Friday Savings

image-1189 DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday Deals in 2024

To maximize chances of capturing Mini 3 Pro Black Friday deals, utilize these expert tips:

  1. Set deal alerts on product pages at top retailers
  2. Stack discounts by combining promo codes, cash back, and coupon sites
  3. Buy early and leverage return policies in case better deals emerge
  4. Consider certified refurbished to trade some risk for drastically lower prices
  5. Don’t wait if you see a stellar discounted bundle that meets your needs
  6. Act extremely fast when a limited time doorbuster deal goes live

Is the Mini 3 Pro Still a Good Buy?

image-1186 DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday Deals in 2024

Before chasing Black Friday bargains, confirm the Mini 3 Pro fits your flying needs:

  1. Beginners – Obstacle avoidance and compact size make it a top starting drone.
  2. Enthusiasts – Advanced camera, 30+ minute flight time, and 10 km range push capabilities.
  3. Professionals – Some limitations in wind resistance and recording options for extensive paid gigs.
  4. Commercial – Lacks full sensor suite required for unrestricted commercial work in some regions.

For hobbyists and social media creators, the Mini 3 Pro delivers an unbeatable blend of imaging power and insane portability. Even professionals can utilize it for real estate, travel, and lifestyle shooting.

Final words about DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday Deals

For interested buyers on the fence, Black Friday 2024 represents the first big chance to capture major savings on the outstanding DJI Mini 3 Pro.

The combination of its compact size, long flight time, advanced camera and sensors makes it a perfect drone for travel and creative content creation. Expected holiday deals will only add to its value proposition for new pilots.

By choosing bundles strategically and acting quickly on limited time offers, the Mini 3 Pro can turn into an aerial imaging powerhouse at an unbeatable price this Black Friday.

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FAQs about DJI Mini 3 Pro Black Friday Deals

Does DJI go on sale during Black Friday?

Yes, DJI typically offers discounts on its drones and other products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These sales can be a great opportunity to save money on a new drone.

How long does the DJI mini Pro 3 last?

The DJI Mini 3 Pro has a maximum flight time of up to 46 minutes. This is one of the longest flight times of any DJI drone.

Does DJI go on sale?

Yes, DJI does have sales throughout the year. In addition to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, DJI also has sales for other holidays and events. You can also find discounts on DJI products through authorized retailers.

Is DJI Mini 3 hard to fly?

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is relatively easy to fly, even for beginners. It has a number of features that make it easy to control, such as obstacle avoidance and automatic return-to-home. It also has a long flight time, so you have plenty of time to practice flying it.

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