Top 6 Best Follow Me Drones in 2024

In this piece we’re scoping out the best follow-me drones available. These flyin’ bots can tail and track someone without them having to do a thing. Pretty wild right? We’ll break down how they use tech magic to pull that off and see how peeps are puttin’ them to use. From extreme athletes to aerial filmmakers, these robot buddies are game changers. Get pumped as we check out the latest and greatest follow drones on the market! They’ll blow your mind with what they can do flying solo and following a homie.

In this article I will recommend this drones for you:

1.Skydio 2

2.Mavic Air 2

3.Mavic 3

4.Autel Evo

5. Simrex X20

6. JJRC X5 Epik

In this article I will recommend for you:(Top 6 Best Follow Me Drones in 2024
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What is follow-me mode?

Follow-me mode refers to a feature on certain drones that allows them to autonomously follow and track a subject, usually the drone operator. The drone uses advanced technology like GPS, visual tracking, and obstacle avoidance sensors to follow the target person. This allows the drone to capture dynamic footage hands-free from creative angles as it moves. Follow-me drones are great for action sports, travel vlogging, and any activities where the operator is on the move. It removes the need to pilot the drone or have a dedicated camera operator. The advanced tech makes follow-me drones an incredibly useful and convenient aerial filming tool.

What are the main features of follow-me mode?

  • Auto-following – The drone will automatically follow and keep the subject (usually the pilot with the controller) in frame without any input needed.
  • Intelligent tracking – Using vision recognition and/or GPS, the drone intelligently tracks and follows the subject even if they move quickly.
  • Obstacle avoidance – When following, the drone will automatically avoid obstacles like trees, walls, etc. using sensors.
  • Customizable distance – The tracking distance can usually be adjusted to keep subjects closer or farther away.
  • Altitude locking – The drone will maintain a consistent altitude while following, rather than rising and falling with terrain.
  • Multiple follow modes – Some drones offer different follow modes like trace (follows behind), profile (follows alongside), lead (follows in front).
  • Activatable by button – Follow-me is activated or deactivated by the press of a controller button.
  • Failsafe return-to-home – If connection is lost, the drone will interrupt following to return to its takeoff point.
  • Compatible with other modes – Follow-me can work in conjunction with things like waypoint navigation and orbit modes.
  • Intuitive controls – Makes the automated following easy to initialize and adjust on the fly.

How does follow me work in a drone?

  1. GPS – The drone and controller are linked via GPS to maintain a lock on the target location to follow at a set distance and altitude.
  2. Visual Tracking – Computer vision and onboard cameras allow the drone to visually identify and track the subject. Some systems leverage color recognition or infrared markers on the target.
  3. Obstacle Avoidance – Sensors like ultrasonic, infrared, or depth cameras detect obstacles allowing the drone to maneuver around them while following the target.
  4. Pre-Programmed Maneuvers – Flight patterns like orbiting, leading shots, or fixed angles can be pre-programmed into Follow Me modes.
  5. Autopilot Algorithms – Advanced artificial intelligence autopilots guide the drone’s actions to ensure smooth, safe, and autonomous Subject following.

Below real-time coordination of these systems allows follow me drones to intelligently trail subjects while avoiding collisions and staying on target. The sophistication of these technologies continues to evolve quickly.

What are the top 6 drones with follow me mode?

DroneCamera ResolutionFlight TimeRangePriceRecommendation Rating
Skydio 24K 60fps23 min6.2 mi$999★★★★★
DJI Mavic Air 24K 60fps34 min6.2 mi$799★★★★
DJI Mavic 35.1K 60fps46 min15 mi$2,199★★★★
Autel Evo4K 60fps30 min4.3 mi$1,199★★★
Simrex X204K 30fps20 min2.5 mi$489★★
JJRC X5 Epik720p 30fps7 min98 ft$79

1.Skydio 2

image-693 Top 6 Best Follow Me Drones in 2024

The Skydio 2 is an advanced autonomous drone designed for easy, has a pretty capable 4k  60FPS camera. hands-free flying and filming. With 6 integrated 4K cameras and sophisticated computer vision, it can fly itself while avoiding obstacles and intelligently tracking subjects. The Skydio 2 folds into a compact portable form factor yet still delivers 23 minutes of flight time.


  • Revolutionary fully autonomous flight with subject tracking
  • Obstacle avoidance and 3D modeling sensors
  • Integrated cameras provide a true 360 degree view
  • Intuitive mobile app with various cinematic shooting modes
  • Excellent 23 minute battery life
  • Compact foldable design for portability


In summary, the Skydio 2 provides effortless flying and filming that no other drone can match through cutting-edge autonomous tech. But its niche role and premium pricing limit the potential market.

2.Mavic Air 2

image-709-1024x604 Top 6 Best Follow Me Drones in 2024

The DJI Mavic Air 2 is one of DJI’s most popular mid-range consumer drones. Released in 2020, it’s a foldable quadcopter drone designed for aerial photography and videography. Key features include a 48MP camera capable of 4K/60fps video, 34 minutes of flight time, and a max transmission range of 10km. With a lightweight design weighing just 595g, the Mavic Air 2 combines portability and high-end camera specs and performance.


  • Long flight time of 34 minutes
  • Advanced camera and gimbal for stable 4K footage
  • Ocusync 2.0 transmission for a max range of 10km
  • Sophisticated flight modes like ActiveTrack 3.0
  • Compact, foldable design for portability


In summary, the Mavic Air 2 hits a sweet spot between consumer and professional drones, offering excellent camera capabilities and flight performance. Just be ready to provide your own storage and take time mastering the smarter flight modes.

3.Mavic 3

image-703-1024x576 Top 6 Best Follow Me Drones in 2024

The DJI Mavic 3 is DJI’s new flagship consumer drone that pushes the boundaries for aerial imaging. It features a large Four Thirds camera sensor capable of 5.1K video and 20MP photos, while maintaining a compact and foldable design. With long 46-minute flight time and 15km transmission range, the Mavic 3 aims to be an ultra-high end imaging drone for pros and enthusiasts.


  • Cutting-edge Four Thirds camera sensor produces stunning image quality
  • Adjustable aperture from f/2.8 to f/11 for great imaging flexibility
  • 5.1K video resolution and 120Mbps bitrate options
  • 15km HD video transmission range
  • Intelligent shooting modes and obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Incredible 46-minute maximum flight time


  • Extremely high price, most expensive consumer drone from DJI
  • Large size and 795g takeoff weight make it less portable
  • Overkill for casual users who don’t need pro-level image quality

In summary, the Mavic 3 is an imaging powerhouse without compromises, catering to professional aerial photographers and videographers, albeit with a towering price tag.

4.Autel Evo

image-700 Top 6 Best Follow Me Drones in 2024

The Autel EVO 2 is a folding drone that competes directly with DJI’s offerings for high-end consumer aerial photography. With a 1-inch camera sensor capable of 8K video and 40-minute flight times, it packs cutting-edge specs in a portable package. Autel touts advanced computer vision and photography features for easy professional shots.


  • Large 1-inch image sensor enables stunning photo and 8K video quality
  • 40-minutes of maximum flight time on a single charge
  • Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance with computer vision
  • Intelligent flight modes like orbit, waypoint flying, and subject trackingSmooth onboard camera stabilization even in windy conditions
  • Dual GPS and GLONASS positioning for stability  


Overall, the EVO 2 provides an impressive spec sheet on paper that competes with top-tier drones from DJI, but has room for refinement when it comes to real-world performance and polish.

5. Simrex X20

image-711-1024x623 Top 6 Best Follow Me Drones in 2024

The Simrex X20 is a foldable drone designed for aerial photography and videography. It comes equipped with a 20MP camera capable of shooting 4K video at 30fps. The X20 has a max transmission range of 1000 meters and a flight time of 30 minutes. Safety features include GPS assisted hovering and auto return-to-home.


  • Good camera resolution with 4K/30fps video
  • 30 minutes of flight time on a single charge
  • Foldable design for easy portability
  • Advanced features like follow-me and waypoints
  • GPS and visual positioning for stability
  • Budget friendly price point


  • No onboard storage for photos or videos
  • Maximum control range of only 1km
  • Not capable of object tracking
  • Lacks obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Video transmission lags at max range
  • Low light camera performance is just average

In summary, the Simrex X20 offers an impressive set of features given its affordable price. It’s a good option for recreational aerial filming and photography. Just don’t expect top-tier camera quality or smart flight modes.

6. JJRC X5 Epik

image-707 Top 6 Best Follow Me Drones in 2024

The JJRC X5 Epik is a micro drone designed for casual, indoor flight. Weighing only 85g, its compact size makes it easy to fly in tight spaces. The X5 Epik comes with a simple 2MP camera for capturing 720p videos and photos. Flight time is approximately 10 minutes on a single 500mAh battery charge.



  • Very limited remote control range
  • Low resolution 2MP camera with no advanced functions
  • No smart flight modes like follow-me or waypoints
  • No GPS or obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Short 10 minute maximum flight time

Overall, the JJRC X5 Epik is best suited for beginners looking to learn to fly drones indoors without breaking the bank. Just don’t expect any professional camera or flight capabilities from this tiny quadcopter. It’s all about the basics.

Final words about Best Follow Me Drones

In 2024, follow me technology in drones has taken a major leap forward, opening up incredible new creative possibilities for effortless filming during sports, travel, and other activities. The top consumer drone manufacturers continue to lead the way, with compact yet powerful models that offer smooth, stable tracking shots thanks to advanced obstacle avoidance systems and AI-enabled subject tracking algorithms. The most robust options deliver a professional-grade filming experience with extended flight times, high-resolution cameras, and nearly flawless autonomous tracking capabilities.

For enthusiasts, there are now very capable mid-range follow me drones that pack advanced functionality like auto-subject tracking and collision avoidance into the sub-$500 category. While high-end models still lead in overall polish and performance, key capabilities are making their way down to mid-tier products. For any budget or use case, there’s likely a solid follow drone option available.

Know more about the follow me mode , please check the following video out:

FAQs about Best Follow Me Drones

What drone has the best follow me mode?

The DJI Mavic 3 is considered to have the most advanced and reliable follow me technology right now. Its omni-directional obstacle sensing and dual vision systems allow incredibly stable and smooth tracking.

What drones have the follow me mode?

Popular models with follow me capabilities include the DJI Mavic 3, DJI Air 2S, Autel EVO 2, Skydio 2, Powervision PowerEgg X, and Yuneec H520.

What is the best follow me drone for beginners?

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is a great option for beginners thanks to its approachable price, obstacle avoidance, and Easy to Fly pre-programmed shooting modes.

What is the best budget drone with follow me and obstacle avoidance?

The Potensic Dreamer Pro offers follow me functionality and obstacle avoidance at an affordable price point under $300, making it one of the top budget choices.

How does the follow me technology work?

Follow me drones use a combination of GPS tracking, computer vision systems, and onboard cameras to visually identify and follow a chosen target. The drone maintains a fixed distance from the subject while avoiding obstacles in its path using sensors.

What are the main benefits of a follow me drone?

The key benefits are hands-free dynamic filming from creative angles, the ability to capture professional tracking footage as a solo operator, and increased filming flexibility and movement for things like action sports.

What are the limitations of follow me technology?

Limitations include range restrictions, loss of tracking around obstacles or in crowds, the need for appropriate lighting conditions, and loss of manual control over specific camera movements. Advanced piloting skills are still required.

What are the best uses for follow me drone technology?

Great uses include filming extreme sports, travel vlogging, real estate videos, action and adventure videos, capturing moving shots of vehicles, and any situation where you want cinematic tracking footage.

How much does a good follow me drone cost?

Consumer-grade follow me drones range from $500 to $2000+ depending on features and capabilities. Professional drones with follow technology can cost $5000+.

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