Agile Fun: Alpha A65 1S Tinywhoop (2024)


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    Let’s welcome our Alpha series, a new way to fly FPV!

    The Alpha A65 is an even smaller size 65mm lightweight 24.5g whoop. This version features an updated canopy, frame, motors, AIO Board, and camera. Stuffed with our newest electronic components and technology, this thing will guarantee hours of practice or racing across even the smallest spaces. The Alpha A65 is your answer to the problem of flight time efficiency while maintaining sufficient power.


    Butter smooth XING 0803 (more torque and efficiency with longer flight times)

    Ducts to protect the sensitive environment or yourself

    Pre-tuned with smooth cinematic settings

    1200TVL 2.1mm 160° Camera

    24.5 grams (without battery)


    Product Name: Alpha A65

    AIO : BLITZ F411 Whoop AIO

    Video Transmission: Force Mini 300mW VTX

    Frame: 65mm Whoop frame

    Motor: 0803

    Prop: 31mm


    Takeoff Weight:33g(aprox.)

    Dimensions (L×W):46*46mm

    Max Speed:50km/h

    Max Hover Time:4mins

    Max Flight Distance:1km

    Antennas:1 Antenna

    GNSS: NO

    Video Transmission:

    Output Power: 0-25-400-800-1500-2500mw

    Input Volts: 6-36V

    Working Current: ≤450mA@12V,800mW; ≤850mA@12V,2500mw

    Frequency Channel: 40CH(A-B-E-F-R)

    Antenna Interface: MMCX

    Mounting: 30.5*30.5mm–20*20mm

    Weight: 4.8 grams

    PCB Size: L38mm*W 6.5mm*H7.2mm

    FPV Radio:

    Product Name: Commando 8 ELRS Lite Radio

    Weight: 275g (±10g)

    Communication Frequency: 5.725-5.850 GHz

    Transmission Power(EIRP):

    2.4GHz: FCC: 27 dBm; CE: <14 dBm; SRRC: <19 dBm

    Operating Current/Volts:  0.6 A @ 7.6 V

    Charging Time: 1 hour and 30 mini

    Operating Time: Approx. 8 hours

    Operating Temperature Range: 0°C  to  40°C(32°F to 104°F)

    Charging Temperature Range: 5°C to  40°C(41°F to 104°F)

    Packing List:

    1 x Alpha A65 1S Whoop BNF

    1 x Commando 8 ELRS Lite Radio

    1 x Battery charge hub


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