Must See:7 Best Drones under $500 in 2024

What is 7 Best Drones under $500 in 2024?

1、DJI Mini 2

2、Hubsan Zino Mini Pro

3、Hubsan Zino 2

4、Xiaomi Fimi X8

5、DJI Spark

6、Potensic Dreamer Pro


With drone technology rapidly evolving, many of the Best Drones under $500 in 2024 will offer an impressive mix of quality and affordability. For budget-minded pilots looking to try out drone flying without a huge investment, drones under $500 represent the ideal entry point. Leading brands now pack professional features like 4K cameras, gimbal stabilization, intelligent flight modes, and portability into drones at ever more reasonable prices. While sacrificing some premium capabilities, sub-$500 models in 2024 will capture stunning aerial footage and provide an immersive flying experience. For casual users just wanting to experiment with drones, upcoming budget-friendly models under $500 will deliver on functionality and fun without breaking the bank.

My winner: DJI mini 2

image-862-1024x439 Must See:7 Best Drones under $500 in 2024

The DJI Mini 2 is a compact and foldable consumer drone perfect for beginners looking to get started in aerial photography. This tiny but powerful drone packs in a range of impressive features despite its small size and affordable price point.

Some of the great advantages and capabilities of the DJI Mini 2 include:

  • Foldable and ultra portable design makes it easy to take anywhere
  • Weighs less than 250g so no drone license required in most countries
  • Stable 4K/30fps video and 12MP photos with a 3-axis gimbal
  • Up to 10km HD video transmission range
  • Up to 31 minutes of flight time per battery charge
  • Intelligent flight modes like Dronie and Helix for creative shots
  • OcuSync 2.0 connection for reliable signal transmission
  • Improved motors provide better stability and wind resistance
  • Enhanced WiFi connectivity for faster photo/video transfer
  • Compatible with DJI’s suite of Fly Apps

With excellent portability, camera quality, battery life, and smart features, the DJI Mini 2 offers great capabilities at a very reasonable price point for a beginner-friendly drone.

Which Drones are the top camera drones under $500

DronePriceCamera ResolutionFlight TimeRecommendation Rating
DJI Mini 2$44912MP31 mins★★★★★
Hubsan Zino Mini Pro$3694K33 mins★★★★
Hubsan Zino 2$4294K23 mins★★★
Xiaomi Fimi X8$4394K33 mins★★★★
DJI Spark$3991080p16 mins★★★★
Potensic Dreamer Pro$4802K18 mins★★★
SNAPTAIN SP500$140720p16 mins★★

1.DJI Mini 2 (Best Drone under $500)

image-863 Must See:7 Best Drones under $500 in 2024

The DJI Mini 2 is a compact and lightweight drone focused on portability and ease of use. This tiny quadcopter folds down to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs less than 249 grams, so it does not require FAA registration in many countries. The Mini 2 captures stabilized 4K video and 12MP photos thanks to its integrated 3-axis gimbal and 1/2.3” CMOS sensor. It also features enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity and OcuSync 2.0 for reliable video transmission to your phone or controller up to 6.2 miles away.


  • Extremely portable and foldable design
  • No drone license required due to low weight
  • Captures smooth 4K video and crisp photos
  • Long flight time up to 31 minutes
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi speeds for better image transfer
  • Intelligent flight modes and subject tracking


  • Still on the pricier side for a mini drone
  • Wind can impact stability due to light weight
  • No advanced obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Controller not included by default
  • Low-light and night image quality is just decent

2.Hubsan Zino Mini Pro (Longest battery life Drone under $500)

image-864-1024x576 Must See:7 Best Drones under $500 in 2024

The Hubsan Zino Mini Pro is a compact drone focused on portable aerial photography. It folds down small enough to fit in a jacket pocket but integrates a 1/1.7” CMOS sensor to capture 48MP photos and stable 4K/30fps video. The 3-axis gimbal provides stabilization for smooth footage, while the 33-minute flight time gives you longer recording ability. Intelligent shooting modes like orbit and waypoint make capturing pro-level videos easy.


  • Highly portable foldable design
  • Large 1/1.7″ CMOS camera sensor
  • Shoots 48MP photos and 4K video
  • 33 minutes of flight time per battery
  • Intelligent shooting modes for cinematic effects
  • Automatic HDR photo capturing


  • Still slightly bulky when folded
  • Advanced flying skills required
  • Doesn’t have zoom functionality
  • Occasional gimbal vibration issues
  • Low-light and night image quality not great

3.Hubsan Zino 2 ( Best 4k camera drone under $500)

image-865 Must See:7 Best Drones under $500 in 2024

The Hubsan Zino 2 is a folding drone designed for aerial photography and videography. It integrates a 1/2” CMOS sensor capable of shooting 4K/60fps video and 48MP photos. Its 3-axis gimbal keeps the camera stable for professional-level results. The Zino 2 has a maximum flight time of 38 minutes and a transmission range of 8km.


  • Folds into a compact size for traveling
  • Shoots ultra-smooth 4K/60fps video
  • 48MP photo capability
  • 38 minutes of flight time
  • 8km HD video transmission range


  • On the heavier side at around 800g
  • Not ideal for complete beginners
  • Advanced shooting modes require practice
  • No zoom function
  • Propellers can occasionally get stuck

4.Xiaomi Fimi X8( best photography drone under$500)

image-870-1024x768 Must See:7 Best Drones under $500 in 2024

The Xiaomi Fimi X8 is a foldable drone focused on easy and safe flying for beginners. It packs a 3-axis stabilized 4K/30fps camera into a compact body that folds down for transport. The Fimi X8 has a maximum transmission range of 8km and flight time of up to 28 minutes. It includes auto takeoff/landing, GPS-based flight control, and intuitive gesture control features.


  • Foldable design for ultimate portability
  • Shoots stable and crisp 4K video
  • 28 minutes of flight time per charge
  • Easy to fly with smart automation
  • Gesture controls for selfies and maneuvers


  • Still a bit large when completely folded
  • Not great for windy conditions due to light weight
  • Advanced users may want more customization
  • No front/rear obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Maximum control range is shorter than some drones

5. DJI Spark ( A bit old, but very durable)

image-867 Must See:7 Best Drones under $500 in 2024

The DJI Spark is a mini drone created by industry leader DJI. Though small, it packs a lot of punch into a portable package. The Spark weighs just 300g and fits in the palm of your hand, making it an incredibly compact quadcopter. It has a 12MP camera capable of shooting 1080p video, and is stabilized by a 2-axis gimbal. The Spark also has a maximum transmission range of 2km when controlled by a smartphone.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Easy to fly for beginners
  • Good camera and stabilization for the size
  • Gesture controls allow hands-free selfies
  • Smart flight modes like ActiveTrack


  • Short battery life (16 minutes)
  • No 4K video recording
  • Smaller sensor struggles in low light
  • No obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Remote control optional extra

6、Potensic Dreamer Pro

image-499 Must See:7 Best Drones under $500 in 2024

The Potensic Dreamer Pro packs impressive performance into an affordable package with its 2K camera, Optical Flow positioning and 24min flight times.


  • Stunning 2K HD camera and 110° FOV
  • Intuitive app control through your phone
  • Optical Flow and GPS dual-positioning
  • Automatic return home when battery is low
  • Follow Me, orbit and waypoint modes
  • Carrying case included


  • Shorter 600m control range
  • No collison avoidance sensors
  • Camera fixed, no gimbal
  • Lacks advanced automated flight modes
  • Struggles in windy conditions


image-519 Must See:7 Best Drones under $500 in 2024

The Snaptain SP500 folds up into a compact palm-sized drone that belies its array of features perfect for beginners. Priced at around $80, it boasts intelligent voice, gesture, and app control schemes, 1080p video recording, and a 15 minute flight time. While it lacks some of the more advanced capabilities of high-end drones, its incredibly approachable interface and budget-friendly price make this a top choice as an introductory drone.


  • Affordable at around $80
  • 1080p camera with wide angle lens
  • 15 minutes of flight time per charge
  • Voice, gesture, and app control
  • Optical flow positioning for stability
  • One-key takeoff and landing


  • No gimbal for stabilized video footage
  • Range limited to 50-80 meters
  • No GPS for hold in place or return to home
  • Lacks follow me and active tracking modes
  • Lightweight airframe susceptible to wind
  • No sensors for obstacle avoidance

In summary, the Snaptain SP500 offers beginners an easy entrance into drone flying thanks to its extremely intuitive controls scheme and long 15 minute flight time. While it lacks some key features of high-end drones, its incredibly low barrier to entry makes it a top choice as a starter drone. Just be ready to upgrade as your skills progress.

Final words about Best Drones under $500

In conclusion, drone enthusiasts shopping on a budget should be excited about the capabilities of the latest models under $500 coming in 2024. Advancing technology will allow upcoming drones in this price range to capture stunning 4K aerial footage and fly intelligently with pre-programmed cinematic shots. While not packing all the premium features of high-end drones, the best budget models in 2024 will deliver on video quality, flight time, range and portability. For new drone pilots wanting to explore aerial photography without a huge investment, these sub-$500 options will provide an affordable entry point. So get ready to take your drone adventures to new heights without breaking the bank when the next generation of quality drones under $500 take flight in 2024.

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FAQs about Best Drones under $500

What kinds of drones are suitable for a budget under $500?

Ideal choices are 4K video shooting foldable drones with 3-axis stabilization. Many all-in-one models are available in this price range.

What is the flight time for drones under $500?

Usually between 20-30 minutes. Models with replaceable batteries are available.

How is the camera quality in this price range?

Most models can shoot crisp 4K video and 12MP photos.

Do they have auto-flight or obstacle avoidance modes?

Some basic auto flight modes have become standard in this price bracket. Obstacle avoidance sensors usually require a higher budget.

How is the safety and ease of flying?

Many budget drones have beginner-friendly traits, but it’s best to get some training and licensing.

Do I need to register it?

Drones under 250g typically don’t require registration. Check your local regulations.

What factors affect the flight time?

Flight duration depends mainly on battery capacity and motor efficiency. Compare specs for maximum time.

What is the control range for drones under $500?

Most budget drones have a remote control distance of 1-2 km.

Can they carry any useful payloads?

Very light payloads may be possible but advanced work capabilities can’t be expected at this price point.

Which brands are most recommended?

DJI, Hubsan, and Eachine all have excellent budget drone lines.

Please let me know if I have accurately re-translated the meanings back into English. I’m happy to make any corrections or improvements to better convey the information.

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