Must See:7 Best Drones under $50 in 2024

What is 7 Best Drones under $50 in 2024?

1、Eachine E010

2、JJRC H345

3、Eachine E013

4、Eachine e58

5、Hubsan X4

6、Snaptain SP650

7、Potensic A20

Best drones under $50 in 2024 will continue opening up basic quadcopter flying to beginners on extremely tight budgets. While these low-cost models will lack advanced features and quality found on higher-end drones, they will provide an affordable taste of recreational UAV piloting. Buyers can expect720p or 1080p video at stable 30fps, flight times of 7-15 minutes, andranges around 50 meters. With improved gyro stabilization and GPS hovering on some budget options, handling will become smoother for new pilots learning the ropes. For those looking to dip a toe into the world of drones without a big investment, sub-$50 quadcopters in 2024 will offer an exciting entry point. However, significant compromises in camera and flight performance will persist at this ultra-cheap price, limiting their versatility.

For a more in-depth breakdown of the capabilities to expect from drones under $50, keep reading below.

My winner:Eachine E010

image-634 Must See:7 Best Drones under $50 in 2024

The Eachine E010 is an entry-level micro quadcopter that is very suitable for beginners. It has the following advantages:

  1. Ultra lightweight body at just 15g, can be pinched by one hand for takeoff.
  2. Adopts quadcopter design for more stable and easy to control flight.
  3. Efficient brushless motors provide up to 5 minutes of flight time.
  4. Replaceable batteries extend flight time.
  5. Front LED lights for night time navigation.
  6. Real-time image transmission camera.
  7. One key takeoff and landing for easy operation.
  8. Full protective frame enhances impact resistance.
  9. Low price at just $20 USD.
  10. Compact size suitable for indoor flight practice.

In summary, the Eachine E010 offers excellent value as an entry-level flier, highly suitable for beginner practice and simple enjoyable flight experience.

How to Choose the Best Drone Under $50 for You?

Drones have become an increasingly popular tech hobby, but many beginners have hesitated to try flying because of high costs associated with premium models. Luckily, modern advancements have brought capable quadcopters well under the $50 price point. While limited compared to thousand-dollar options, the best drones under $50 today now allow new pilots to learn basic flying skills on a strict budget. With a few key factors in mind, it’s possible to find an ideal affordable starter drone tuned to your needs and future ambitions in the hobby.

If you’re eager to get your first taste of quadcopter flight without breaking the bank, read on below for tips on choosing the best drone under $50 to learn with.

Which Five Drones Provide the Best Value for Under $50 in 2024?

DroneCameraFlight TimeRangeFeaturesPriceRating
Eachine E010None~5 mins30-50mTiny whoop, Acro mode$18★★
JJRC H345720p7-9 mins50-100mFoldable, Altitude hold$39★★★
Eachine E013720p~7 mins50-100mHeadless mode, Low battery alarm$39★★★
Eachine e58480p7-9 mins50-80mFoldable, Altitude hold$39★★★
Hubsan X4720p7 mins100m6-axis gyro, LEDs$50★★★
Snaptain SP650720p8 mins80mFly by gesture, Voice control$40★★★
Potensic A20720p7-9 mins50mHeadless mode, Altitude hold$49★★★

1.Eachine E010 (Best Cheap Beginner Drone)

image-644 Must See:7 Best Drones under $50 in 2024

The Eachine E010 is an ultra-lightweight micro drone focused on stability and ease of flight for beginners. Weighing just 15 grams, it can take off from the palm of your hand. With its brushed motors and protective frame, it’s quite durable and able to withstand crashes during training. However, the E010 lacks more advanced features found on higher-end drones.


  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Quadcopter design provides stable flight
  • One-key takeoff and landing simplifies operation
  • Propeller guards protect it from crashes
  • Fun to fly indoors or in small spaces


  • Very short flight time of 3-5 minutes
  • Low resolution camera with limited range
  • No altitude hold or position locking capabilities
  • Remote control distance only around 30 meters
  • Small size affected by any wind gusts
  • No automated flight modes or GPS

In summary, the Eachine E010 is an affordable micro drone well-suited for flying practice, but lacks versatility for photography and advanced features beyond basic manual operation.

2.JJRC H345 (double drone for beginners)

image-646 Must See:7 Best Drones under $50 in 2024

The JJRC H345 is a foldable beginner drone with altitude hold, headless mode, and WiFi FPV. It provides a nice mix of features to help new pilots fly steadily and view real-time video. However, battery life is short at 7-10 minutes and the camera video quality is limited.


  • Foldable design for easy transport
  • Altitude hold keeps the drone hovering stably
  • WiFi connects smartphone to view live video
  • Headless mode simplifies directional controls
  • Affordable price under $100


  • Short 7-10 minute flight times
  • Camera limited to 720p resolution
  • No gimbal for stabilized video footage
  • Maximum control range of just 50 meters
  • Struggles to fly well in windy conditions

In summary, the JJRC H345 is a decent starter drone for new pilots to practice flying with the help of altitude hold and FPV. But battery life and camera capabilities are relatively limited for the price.

3.Eachine E013(best FPV drone under $50)

image-651 Must See:7 Best Drones under $50 in 2024

The Eachine E013 is an extremely affordable nano drone focused on portability and ease of flight. With its small size and propeller guards, it’s designed for flying indoors or in tight spaces. However, the lack of a camera and short 6-7 minute flight times limit its versatility.


  • Very low price under $40
  • Lightweight at just 36 grams
  • Propeller guards protect it from crashes
  • Easy to fly even for total beginners


  • No camera for aerial photography/videography
  • Short battery life of only 6-7 minutes
  • Limited remote control range
  • Lacks advanced features like altitude hold
  • Small size gets tossed around outdoors

In summary, the Eachine E013 is a cheap way to get started flying quads thanks to its accessible price. But major compromises in features and flight performance mean it works best as practice drone, not an aerial photography platform.

4.Eachine e58 (best camera drone under $50)

image-652 Must See:7 Best Drones under $50 in 2024

The Eachine E58 is a foldable beginner drone with features like altitude hold, headless mode, and 720p camera. It offers a nice mix of portability and easy flying aids to help new pilots capture steady video footage. However, the camera video quality and transmission range are relatively limited.


  • Foldable lightweight design for transport
  • Altitude hold and headless modes
  • 720p camera to capture and transmit video
  • Affordable under $100 price point


  • Camera not stabilized on a gimbal
  • Short 50 meter control range
  • WiFi video transmission lags frequently
  • Mediocre overall build quality
  • Flight time just 7-9 minutes

In summary, the low cost E58 makes it accessible for beginners to learn the basics of drone flight and aerial video. But the camera, range, and construction quality reflect the budget price and limit its versatility.

5. Hubsan X4 (great camera for $50)

image-654 Must See:7 Best Drones under $50 in 2024

The Hubsan X4 is a micro quadcopter drone designed for beginners learning to fly. It has a lightweight durable frame, simple controls, and propeller guards for crashes. However, the low resolution camera, short flight times, and limited range constrain its versatility beyond a practice flier.


  • Inexpensive price under $50
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Easy to fly even for beginners
  • Prop guards to protect motors in crashes


  • Lower resolution 0.3MP camera
  • Short 6-8 minute flight times
  • Maximum range of 50 meters or less
  • No advanced automated flight modes
  • Small size susceptible to winds

In summary, the Hubsan X4 offers an affordable introduction to quadcopter flight for new hobbyists thanks to its simple design. But major limitations on camera capabilities, battery life, and range hinder more advanced use.

6、Snaptain SP650

image-764 Must See:7 Best Drones under $50 in 2024

The Snaptain SP650 is an ultra-budget friendly drone perfect for beginners looking to learn how to fly. It comes loaded with features like voice control, gesture control, trajectory flight, and multiple speed modes. The SP650 has a 720p camera capable of shooting video as you learn to pilot the drone.


  • Incredibly affordable price point
  • Easy to fly with voice and gesture controls
  • Multiple smart features for new pilots
  • 720p camera lets you shoot video
  • Replaceable parts extend lifespan


  • Video and image quality are mediocre
  • Very short flight time of 8 minutes
  • Small 1S 500mAh battery
  • WiFi range is only around 80 meters
  • Lacks GPS or fancy flight modes

Overall, the Snaptain SP650 is an amazing entry-level drone that lets first-time pilots get accustomed to flying at a bargain price. Just expect limited performance in terms of camera and flight capabilities.

7、Potensic A20

image-517 Must See:7 Best Drones under $50 in 2024

The Potensic A20 mini-drone is an affordable option aimed at beginners looking to learn the basics of drone piloting. At under $70, it packs impressive performance and capabilities for the low price point. Key features of the A20 include 720p camera live video feed, altitude hold, headless mode, gesture controls and a modular battery for 10 minutes of flight time. While not loaded with premium features, it’s a great way to start flying drones on a budget.


  • Very affordable at under $70
  • 720p live video feed to smartphone
  • Altitude hold and headless mode simplify flying
  • Responsive controls and stable flight
  • 10 minutes of flight time per battery
  • Modular battery is removable and rechargeable


  • Lower resolution 720p camera
  • No gimbal for stabilization during flight
  • Limited 10 minute flight time per battery
  • No advanced intelligent flight modes
  • No obstacle avoidance system
  • Short control range of only 50 meters

In summary, the Potensic A20 is a solid choice as an entry-level budget drone that lets beginners get comfortable with basic flight controls and aerial photography. While it lacks some of the more advanced features of premium drones, its incredibly low price makes it enticing for new hobbyists. Just don’t expect top-tier performance and capabilities.

Final words about Best Drones under $50

In 2024, sub-$50 drones will continue lowering the barrier of entry for new hobbyists eager to experience quadcopter flight on a strict budget. While still featuring basic designs focused on ease of use over advanced capabilities, flight times and stabilizing tech like altitude hold will improve. 720p HD cameras will become standard for capturing stable aerial footage. However, major compromises in range, wind resistance, and image quality will persist given the ultra-low price point. Drones under $50 in 2024 will be well-suited for flying practice indoors and in calm conditions. But enthusiasts should set expectations accordingly and plan to upgrade as skills progress. Though lacking the sophisticated features and polish of premium drones, entry-level models under $50 will provide an exciting gateway for the next generation of pilots in 2024 to take to the skies on a budget.

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FAQs about Best Drones under $50

What are some recommended cheap drones for beginners?

Some good options under $50 are: Eachine E010, jjrc H37, Hubsan X4 H107C, Eachine E013. These drones are affordable and relatively stable and easy to fly.

What can you do with a drone under $50?

Drones in this price range are mainly for learning to fly and casual indoor recreation. They can’t do high quality aerial photography.

How long is the flight time for these drones?

Usually only 5-10 minutes. Flight time can be extended by purchasing extra batteries.

Do they have altitude hold or positioning modes for stable flight?

Some budget drones come with altitude hold or positioning modes to help beginners fly more easily.

What is the remote control range for such drones?

Most have a relatively short range of 50-100 meters due to cost limitations.

How to avoid damage or crashes?

Choose models with prop guards; Take off and land away from obstacles; Learn basic RC flying skills.

Do you need to register before flying them?

Drones under 250g typically don’t require registration.

Is it worth getting drone insurance?

Given their low price, drone insurance is generally unnecessary.


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