3 Best FPV Drones for Gopro in 2024

First-person-view (FPV) drone flying has exploded in popularity in recent years. Combining the immersive experience of FPV goggles with the versatility of drone technology, FPV drones allow pilots to feel like they’re really in the pilot’s seat. For adrenaline junkies and aerial photographers alike, FPV drones are an incredibly fun way to capture unique aerial footage and photos. In 2024, there will be an exciting new crop of FPV drones built specifically for use with GoPro cameras.

In this article I will recommend this drones for you:

1、DJI FPV Combo

2、iFlight Nazgul5

3、Walkera Rodeo 110

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What is FPV Drones for Gopro?

FPV drones designed for GoPro cameras are a specialized type of first-person-view drone built to carry and record video footage from these action cameras in flight. They have integrated mounts to securely attach a GoPro, transmitting an HD low-latency video signal from the camera to the pilot’s FPV goggles in real time. This creates an immersive flying experience as if the pilot is inside the drone. FPV GoPro drones are made with low-latency transmitters, long-range radio controllers, stabilizing camera gimbals, and powerful motors to lift and maneuver the drone smoothly while recording stable high-quality aerial footage. The live first-person camera view combined with the agility and speed of FPV drones makes them ideal for motorsports-style racing, stunt flying, and capturing unique perspectives.

What are the main features of FPV Drones for Gopro?

Here are the main features of FPV drones designed for GoPro cameras:

  • Stabilized Camera Mounts – They have integrated stabilized gimbals and vibration dampening mounts to hold the GoPro steadily for smooth video footage.
  • Low-Latency Transmission – Real-time video from the GoPro is transmitted to the pilot’s FPV goggles with minimal delay for an immersive flying experience.
  • Long-Range Radio Control – Allows the drone to fly hundreds of meters while maintaining a strong control connection and video feed.
  • First-Person View – FPV goggles display real-time video from the GoPro camera on the drone, making you feel like you’re inside the drone.
  • Powerful Motors – Provide the thrust and lift capacity to carry the added weight of a GoPro camera while still being fast and agile.
  • Extended Flight Time – Large batteries and power systems give 15-30 minutes of flight time per charge for longer recording sessions.
  • Rugged Frames – Durable materials protect the GoPro and drone electronics from crashes and rough landings.
  • Intelligent Flight Modes – Include Follow Me, Orbit and Waypoint modes for easier automated filming with the GoPro camera.
  • FPV Racing – Agile and responsive for immersive, fast-paced FPV racing and freestyle flying with HD footage.

What should you pay attention to when buying a FPV Drones for Gopro?

Prioritizing video transmission quality, controller range, smooth camera footage, and flight time will ensure you select the best FPV drone to capture GoPro footage from an immersive pilot perspective.

3 Best FPV Drones for Gopro in 2024

Here are 3 recommended best FPV drones for GoPro cameras in an English table format with basic specs, pricing, and star ratings:

Drone ModelCamera CompatibilityTransmission RangeFlight TimePriceRating
DJI FPV ComboGoPro Hero 8/9/106km20 mins$1299⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
iFlight Nazgul5GoPro Hero 5-84km25 mins$369⭐⭐⭐⭐
Walkera Rodeo 110GoPro Hero 4-62km15 mins$279⭐⭐⭐

1、DJI FPV Combo

image-481 3 Best FPV Drones for Gopro in 2024

The DJI FPV Combo drone is DJI’s ready-to-fly FPV package for exciting first-person view flying. It combines the high-speed performance of their racing drones with an easy-to-use design perfect for FPV beginners. The FPV Combo includes DJI’s exceptional FPV goggles for an immersive experience along with the robust FPV drone equipped with 4K/60fps video, 3-directional obstacle sensing, self-stabilizing camera mount, and intuitive flight modes. It’s the ultimate FPV drone for new and experienced pilots alike.


  • Stunning 4K/60fps live video feed
  • Low latency HD transmission with O3 technology
  • Obstacle detection and emergency brake
  • Simplified motion controller and flight modes
  • Up to 20mins flight time per battery
  • Intuitive FPV goggles with head tracking


  • Expensive as a ready-to-fly package
  • Large and heavy compared to dedicated racers
  • Lower control range than some custom built setups
  • Less configurable than DIY FPV drones
  • Lacking follow/tracking features of other DJI drones

2、iFlight Nazgul5

image-486-1024x577 3 Best FPV Drones for Gopro in 2024

The iFlight Nazgul5 is a high-performance FPV racing drone built for speed and agility. It’s designed specifically for carrying a GoPro style action camera to capture smooth, stabilized HD footage while ripping through the air and around tracks. The Nazgul5 features powerful 2207 motors, durable carbon fiber construction, a tuned-up Betaflight flight controller, and excellent integration support for HD video transmission and control links. It’s the perfect ready-to-fly FPV racer.



3、Walkera Rodeo 110

image-487-1024x895 3 Best FPV Drones for Gopro in 2024

The Walkera Rodeo 110 is an entry-level ready-to-fly FPV racing drone designed for beginners looking to get into first-person view flying. It comes fully assembled and equipped to carry a GoPro style action camera for recording in-flight footage. The Rodeo 110 is meant to be easy to learn while providing a taste of the exciting world of FPV drones.


  • Straightforward pre-tuned setup
  • Stable and easy to fly
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 4-6 cameras
  • Devo F12E controller included
  • 5.8Ghz HD video transmission
  • Affordable entry-level FPV option


  • Lower performance motors and frame
  • Shorter flight time (<10 min)
  • Limited HD video range (~500m)
  • Less durable construction
  • Basic control ranges (<1km)
  • No advanced automated flight modes

Final words about Best FPV Drones for Gopro

With new advancements in FPV transmission systems, battery life, and flight performance, 2024 is shaping up to be a monumental year for FPV drones. Pilots will be able to capture incredibly smooth, high-quality aerial footage and photos from never-before-seen angles. As FPV drone technology continues to progress, these nimble aircraft will become capable of performing even more complex maneuvers while carrying GoPro cameras. The future looks bright for FPV and drone enthusiasts who want to push their creative boundaries and capture stunning aerial views.

To learn more about best FPV drones for Gopro , check the following video out:

FAQs about Best FPV Drones for Gopro

What is an FPV drone?

An FPV (first-person view) drone is a quadcopter equipped to wirelessly transmit live video from an onboard camera to FPV goggles worn by the pilot, creating an immersive flying experience.

What are the benefits of using an FPV drone with a GoPro?

Get a live HD first-person view during flight from the high-quality GoPro camera.Record stabilized aerial footage and photos from unique angles and perspectives.GoPro cameras are interchangeable allowing you to use the best one you have.Enjoy the durability and image quality of the GoPro while having full UAV flight control.

What key features should I look for?

HD low-latency video transmission system for real-time FPV.Long range radio controller (at least 1km)Stabilized camera gimbal to reduce vibrationsStrong motors and propellers to lift GoPro weightBeginner-friendly flight modes for learning

What is a good starter FPV drone for GoPro?

The DJI FPV Combo is one of the best ready-to-fly FPV drone packages for GoPro. It combines easy controls with excellent HD transmission and stabilization for stunning aerial footage.

How far can I fly with live video transmission?

Many FPV drones today can transmit HD video up to ranges of 4-6km depending on conditions, so you can fly far out while still getting clear live footage in your goggles.

What precautions should I take when flying FPV?

Always fly safely within line of sight, have a spotter present, respect local regulations, acquire any necessary registrations or licenses, and take the time to learn to fly properly before attempting complex maneuvers.


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